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ElleVet Launches National Nonprofit to Support Street Pets, the Homeless

Glenn Polyn//March 23, 2021//

ElleVet Sciences announces "The ElleVet Project," a national nonprofit dedicated to providing free veterinary care, food, and supplies to pets of the homeless and street pets.

ElleVet Launches National Nonprofit to Support Street Pets, the Homeless

Glenn Polyn //March 23, 2021//

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Press release: ElleVet Sciences

ElleVet, a science-focused pet CBD+CBDA company, is pleased to announce the launch of its new national nonprofit organization, The ElleVet Project, which is designed to expand  support for its mission of providing much-needed, free veterinary care, food and supplies to the pets of the homeless and street pets in vulnerable communities.

The ElleVet Project, previously known as the Pets In Need Project, is ElleVet’s new 501(c)(3) organization and makes good on one of their original goals which was to create a charitable branch of ElleVet Sciences dedicated to giving back and helping animals in need.

Amanda Howland and Christian Kjaer originally developed the project a year ago as a pilot program in response to COVID-19, knowing the homeless had even fewer resources than usual, and their pets were in a very vulnerable position. The 2020 project team treated more than 1,200 pets, gave thousands of vaccines, provided a ton of desperately needed pet food and spent over $10,000 on emergency surgery cases.

“We learned so much last year,” reflected Howland on ElleVet’s initial two-month mobile veterinary relief mission. “We learned that when you treat the pets, you treat the people as well.”

“People told me that by giving medical care to their pets, it literally allowed them to put food on their own tables,”added Kjaer,.

The pilot efforts attracted support from veterinarians across the country and assistance from many celebrity supporters including animal lovers Demi Moore, Jane Lynch, Sarah Paulson, Rumer Willis, Judy Greer, Amanda Schull, Mark Steines, Rich Eisen, Georgia May Jagger, Manolo Gonzalez Vergara; along with dog influencers such as Norbert the Dog, Glee the Golden Retriever and Louie the Golden Retriever.

“The ElleVet Project is unique in that traveling to the homeless communities and treating pets where they live allows us to reach the invisible pets, who otherwise may never have access to care or services,” said Howland “The outpouring of support was incredible-the Project resonated with people in a way we couldn’t have imagined.”

Information on the Project and donations in support of The ElleVet Project can be found at the project’s website.  All Donations go towards vaccines, medical supplies, and emergency surgeries. The 2021 schedule will be updated on the website as more cities are added.

“We depend on donations to fund our mission,” says Howland. “And the more donations we get, the sooner we can get more mobile veterinary units on the road across the country.”

The ElleVet Project will return to California in the second quarter of 2021 with the goal of treating more than 3,000 pets. The Project will expand to treat pets across the United States within the next three years.