Earth Buddy Study: Full-Spectrum CBD Effective at Calming Pets

Julia Rivera//October 6, 2022//

Earth Buddy Study: Full-Spectrum CBD Effective at Calming Pets

Julia Rivera //October 6, 2022//

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Press release: Earth Buddy

Throughout July 2022, one of the most stressful times for pets with frequent fireworks and thunderstorms, Earth Buddy had over 70 pet parents participate in a four week at home study using MoreBetter’s software. As a leader in cannabinoid science for pets, Earth Buddy’s goal was to collect real world evidence data on a range of Full Spectrum CBD products and their effectiveness for calming pets. The Earth Buddy products that were used by the volunteer pet parents were Hemp Hearts, Hemp Extracts and Quick Calm. 

Out of all pet owners, 72 percent agreed that Earth Buddy’s products were effective and helped calm their pets. This is further validated via three separate stress related assessments showing pet owners reported a significant decrease in stress severity levels before vs after using Earth Buddy products. Most notably, a six-part questionnaire found on average pet parents reported a 35 percent decrease in stress severity in their pet. A majority of the pet parents were first time Earth Buddy customers. Over 90 percent of them reported that after consistent use of Earth Buddy’s products they witnessed a more relaxed demeanor in their pet. 

“We are always trying to follow the research available, but there hasn’t been an in-home study conducted like this where pet parents can choose from a variety of CBD products to see if it may help in the management of stress. Our goal since 2016 has been to provide transparent resources on hemp-derived compounds and other natural ingredients for our pets. I am extremely excited to share the data considering dog and cat stress is one of the primary reasons pet parents are using CBD products,” said Sean Zyer, co-founder of Earth Buddy.

“This data becoming available to pet owners everywhere is a win for the industry,” said Tyler Dautrich, COO at MoreBetter (Releaf App). “Because pets can’t tell you if something is working for them or not there’s a lot of supplements being pushed to pet parents without any proof of quality. Data like this from Earth Buddy will finally provide pet parents with some assurance that they are purchasing a product that has some evidence of effectiveness.”

To view the dozens of other results from Earth Buddy’s Calming Study and learn more about the benefits CBD can have on your pet’s health visit Earth Buddy. Earth Buddy offers a variety of edibles, topicals, gut health and immune supporting pet supplements that are non-gmo, third-party lab tested and 100 percent guaranteed. 


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