Earth Animal Invests in a Certified Organic and USDA Manufacturing Plant

Pet Age Staff//June 22, 2018//

Earth Animal Invests in a Certified Organic and USDA Manufacturing Plant

Pet Age Staff //June 22, 2018//

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Earth Animal, maker of health improving, veterinary formulated products, has invested in a Certified Organic & USDA, human food manufacturing plant to create its foods for both dogs and cats.

Earth Animal’s partner is located in the farm lands of Westminster, Maryland.

“We searched for over a year to find the right fit in terms of passion, values, culture and capability,” said Stewart Shanley, CEO of Earth Animal. “Turns out we had that partner all along and were already using them for over a year! As a result of this process we have elected to take full control of our production and supply chain by investing significantly into one of our existing manufacturing partners.”

Earth Animal signed a multi-million dollar deal with the plant who has been making its certified organic Oven-Baked Cookies for dogs and going forward will be developing Wisdom Dog food that will be launching in the fourth quarter.

Wisdom represents many years of Dr. Bob Goldstein’s life’s work, both personally and professionally through thousands of patients.

“It will be easy to see the difference in the overall quality of food,” said Ryan Yamka, CSO of Earth Animal. “We are using the very best ingredients such as fresh humanely-raised proteins and the naturally occurring nutrients found in whole fruits and veggies. Our unique and proprietary Vitality Cubes have sprouted seeds that are jam-packed with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals for your pet.”