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DUZ Hands-Free Dryers Coming to Global Pet Expo

Pet Age Staff//February 11, 2020//

DUZ Hands-Free Dryers Coming to Global Pet Expo

Pet Age Staff //February 11, 2020//

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Press release IM CO. LTD

IM CO. LTD will show the DUZ Hands Free Dryer at 2020 Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida, from February 26-28.

The hallmark of DUZ Hands Free Dryer 2.2  (Season 2) is a 360-degree flexible hose, which is made with patented technology. It can be fixed in the height and direction that consumers want, so both hands can be freely used. This is the world’s first hands-free dryer product and is a new concept dryer that induces changes in the paradigm of dryer use. The flexible hose allows the wind to be transformed freely, allowing the user to fix the vent to the desired position. Both hands are free to dry pet’s hair while brushing the pet.

It is also possible to use it to noise-sensitive cats, and can be used in various purposes such as drying person’s hair, clothing, boots, etc. It weighs 1.2 kilograms, which is very mobile and relieves the burden on the groomers and pet owners. It can ship with both a free-standing base and wall mount attachment.

DUZ Hands Free Dryer 2.2 has three fan speeds and four heat options so you can control the air flow and temperature depending on your pet’s coat and heat preference.

  • Three easy to use touch buttons control – 1) on/off, 2) fan speed, and 3) heat options.
  • Three fan speeds – low, medium, and high (37 CFM)
  • Four heat options – no heat(cool), low heat (113°F), medium heat (140°F), and high heat (170°F).

So you can control the wind and temperature in detail in a total of 12 stages.

IM CO. LTD will unveil DUZ Dual Mode Premium Dryer (Duz Dryer Season 3) as a new product at Global Pet Expo for the first time. You can enjoy the demonstration of DUZ Dual Mode Premium Dryer. Also, the buyers attending the show can get DUZ Dryer Season 2 at the special exhibition price.