Dr. Marty Pets Tops 14M Units Sold of Nature’s Blend Essential Wellness Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food

By Pet Age Staff//December 15, 2023//

Dr. Marty Pets Tops 14M Units Sold of Nature’s Blend Essential Wellness Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food

By: Pet Age Staff//December 15, 2023//

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Press release: Dr. Marty Pets

According to the brand, Dr. Marty Pets has now sold over 14 million units of its best-selling freeze-dried raw dog food, Nature’s Blend – Essential Wellness. Created by esteemed veterinarian Dr. Marty Goldstein, Dr. Marty Nature’s Blend – Essential Wellness is meticulously crafted with a blend of protein-rich meats, accompanied by antioxidant-rich seeds, vegetables, and fruits. What distinguishes Nature’s Blend is its gentle freeze-drying process, which carefully preserves vital nutrients such as omega-3s, vitamin A, iron, taurine, and fiber.

Dr. Marty Nature’s Blend – Essential Wellness is a freeze-dried raw dog food designed to support your dog’s health and happiness. This premium blend features high-quality meats such as turkey, beef, salmon, duck, and beef liver, which are naturally rich in proteins essential for your dog’s youthful vitality. The freeze-drying process helps preserve crucial nutrients, setting it apart from many other dog foods on the market. Notably, this top-tier freeze-dried raw dog food is free from artificial preservatives, additives, fillers, or synthetic ingredients. This food is designed for your dog’s health and meticulously formulated to help bolster their vitality, maintain youthful mobility, and promote a healthy build with limber joints.*

Dr. Marty Nature’s Blend is designed to accommodate your dog’s preferences, whether they prefer dry or wet food. If your dog enjoys dry food, simply scoop some Nature’s Blend from the bag, and they can enjoy it immediately. If your dog prefers wet food, combine 2 parts of Nature’s Blend with 1 part of water. Allow the mixture to sit for 3 minutes, giving the ingredients time to absorb the water. Afterward, give it a quick mix, and serve the delicious meal to your dog.

Founded by Dr. Marty Goldstein, Dr. Marty Pets was created to help support pet health through its cutting-edge, premium freeze-dried raw food, supplements, and treats for dogs and cats. Each carefully developed food formula is full of natural and nourishing ingredients to help pet parents provide their furry friend with the best care. Dr. Marty premium pet food formulas are manufactured in the USA with domestic and imported components and include the best-selling freeze-dried raw pet food, Dr. Marty Nature’s Blend dog food, and Dr. Marty Nature’s Feast cat food; Dr. Marty Tilly’s Treasures 100% Freeze-Dried Raw Beef Liver Dog Treats and Dr. Marty ProPower Plus Gut Health Supplement Powdered Formula.


*All dogs are unique. Your dog’s results can and will vary.


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