Dr. Dalton’s Lowers Price of Treats for Retailers

Pet Age Staff//May 4, 2018//

Dr. Dalton’s Lowers Price of Treats for Retailers

Pet Age Staff //May 4, 2018//

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Pet treats have climbed in the pet food category as pet owners invest more in preventative, healthier foods for their pets. When looking at health food trends, conscious shopping extends into pet treats for cleaner, premium treats, paying more for preventative care that promises longer and happier life of their pets. Dog trainer Dr. Susan Dalton started making her premium 100 percent all-meat dog treats in 2012 as a high-incentive reward for positive reinforcement working with rescue dogs and behavioral issues. Dr. Dalton’s treats were made to be a healthy, high value reward that dogs love from a single ingredient, high quality 100 percent meat.

For premium dog treats, Dr. Dalton is excited to announce that she is lowering pricing without changing the quality in any way. Dr. Dalton’s Premium Treats are now sold at $11.99 for the 3-ounce size and $19.99 for 6-ounce size retail costs to customers. Dr. Dalton’s Premium Treats come in choices of Beef, Chicken or Meat Medley which includes pieces of beef, chicken and pork. Dr. Dalton uses only single ingredients of 100 percent trimmed cow hearts, 100 percent skinless chicken breast or 100 percent pork. Dr. Dalton offers her premium pet treats to wholesale at lower costs per cases of six bags each for stores to try with their loyal customers. Dr. Dalton’s Premium Treats are 100 percent human grade meat, sourced from animal muscle, and made with zero additives, preservatives, or fillers. Dr. Dalton’s says its treats “are the perfect choice for pet owners looking to eliminate unhealthy ingredients from their pet’s diets, such as sugar, grains, dyes and preservatives.”

Dr. Dalton’s Premium Treats are made from choice cuts of U.S. farmed, sourced, made and packaged dog treats with no additives, providing dogs with a meat-based protein source for essential amino acids their diets require.