Doobert Launches Online Show for Animal Rescuers, Shelters

Glenn Polyn//January 6, 2021//

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Doobert Launches Online Show for Animal Rescuers, Shelters

Glenn Polyn //January 6, 2021//

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Press release: Doobert

Love animals and want to make a difference? Doobert has a new, multi-platform production called the Animal Innovations Show. It’s online entertainment and education that takes an in-depth, closer look at the people who are helping animals across the globe. That could mean an animal rescuer responsible for making a difference for homeless animals in their community, or a pet product that is helping solve problems of the millions of cats, dogs and critters we live with.

For the  first show, which is set to debut this week on January 7, Doobert Rescue will be talking to Jessica Schleder of Adoptimize, who created animal shelter technology that optimizes great pet photos, so adopters get a great visual picture of the animal that needs a home.

The Animal Innovation Show is a show for animal welfare advocates and animal lovers alike. Each week Doobert Rescue will livestream the show on Facebook and Youtube, and replay on LinkedIn and IGTV. For those of you who prefer audio only, Doobert Rescue also will post it on your favorite podcast sites (Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, etc.)

Hosted by Chris Roy, the show has an action-packed schedule of guests. He’ll be interviewing some of the premier experts in animal behavior, leaders in the animal rescue and shelter world, and some really fascinating people who are boots-on-the-ground die hard rescuers. Saving animals is key to the company’s mission. The show also will feature pet businesses who have products that are making life better for pets and their humans.

Roy is an IT professional in his day job, managing a global team of project managers. The Wisconsin resident, who runs Doobert.com at night and on weekends, is the driving force behind the technology. The company helps rescues and shelters save more animals through their fostering and transport website.


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