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Dogtopia’s ‘Virtual Playroom’ Helps Dog Parents to Avoid Pandemic Fatigue

Glenn Polyn//March 10, 2021//

Dogtopia’s ‘Virtual Playroom’ Helps Dog Parents to Avoid Pandemic Fatigue

Glenn Polyn //March 10, 2021//

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Press release: Dogtopia

Dogtopia, the nation’s leading dog daycare, boarding and spa franchise, announced today the launch of its Virtual Playroom for all dog lovers to go and de-stress. Dogtopia daycare has always offered a place for dogs to go to socialize and have fun – now it extends a virtual opportunity for dog lovers to do the same. The site features heartwarming stories about dogs and their pet parents, a meme generator, Peanuts comic strips, exclusive videos, polls and many more fun, interactive activities.

“During the pandemic, we’ve noticed that our pet parents are spending a lot of time enjoying our webcams and ensuring their dog participates in our in-store events like birthday parties and themed dress up days – we love the fact our pet parents are living vicariously through their dogs,” said Neil Gill, CEO and president of Dogtopia. “We wanted to give our pet parents a place to join in on the fun while they are spending more time at home.”

In February, the Dogtopia website experienced more than 250,000 visits and pet parents spent more than an hour and half on average each day watching their pups on webcams, so the Dogtopia team knows it is a valuable and informative resource for pet parents. However, by adding an element of entertainment and escapism with this virtual playroom, it can increase engagement and build an even stronger community among pet parents.

The fun of the Virtual Playroom is completely aligned with the experience a dog can have at Dogtopia, aka “The Most Exciting Day Ever” as well as the furry friendships that are made in daycare. “Every day at Dogtopia is truly the most exciting day ever, and this is a great opportunity to share with everyone the joy our teams experience with the dogs every single day,” said Chelsea Ledbetter, franchisee of Dogtopia in The Woodlands, Texas.

At Dogtopia, dogs enjoy an open-play environment with protective rubber flooring to ease joints while promoting safe socialization, exercise, education and fun. Dogtopia’s daycare rates are all-inclusive with meals prepared according to each pet parent’s request at no extra charge, or pet parents can bring their own food. Dogtopia’s webcams also provide pet parents with peace of mind and the ability to check in on their pups when they are away. The Dogtopia family is composed of both single-unit and multi-unit operators, including husband and wife teams, father and daughter/son duos, siblings and many different types of business owners.