Dogdrop Dog Daycare Franchise to Open Brand’s First Florida Location

Pet Age Staff//August 8, 2023//

Dogdrop Dog Daycare Franchise to Open Brand’s First Florida Location

Pet Age Staff //August 8, 2023//

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Press release: Dogdrop

Dogdrop, the premier on-demand dog daycare provider, recently announced the signing of the brand’s first lease in Florida. Located in Fort Lauderdale’s vibrant Flagler Village at the mixed-use Motif development at 500 N. Andrews Ave, the new Dogdrop location will be owned and operated by multi-unit franchisees Nicholas Irwin and Miguel Angel Chuquichanca. Slated to open in early 2024, the brand is excited to open its second location as it continues to partner with passionate business owners who have a desire to become franchisees in the thriving pet industry.

“We are thrilled to be coming full circle by opening our first location within walking distance of where we used to live as well as adopted our beloved dog Brick, in Foundry Lofts,” said Chuquichanca. “Motif is centrally located in Flagler Village, a fast-growing, vibrant community filled with young professionals who are looking to provide the best possible experience for their dogs. These professionals are very busy and need a service that is convenient, seamless and takes the very best care of their dogs. We are so excited to be one of Dogdrop’s first franchisees and help the Fort Lauderdale community by offering this incredible service.”

The new Dogdrop location will provide convenient, reliable and on-demand dog daycare services, ensuring that pet parents can leave their furry friends in a safe and secure environment while they work, run errands or enjoy their leisure time. Dogs will have the opportunity to exercise, socialize and receive basic training under the supervision of well-trained staff. Additionally, Dogdrop will offer a range of dog essentials, including on-the-go wipes, compostable waste bags and dog bowls. Limited-edition accessories and more will also be available.

“We have seen success and high demand in multi-family properties for our dog care services and know that Nicholas and Miguel will be terrific franchisees as well as ambassadors to our brand,” said Shaina Denny, CEO of Dogdrop. “We are excited to be entering into a new market and joining other complementary businesses in Flagler Village and hope to collaborate with them on events and other community-building activities.”

Dogdrop sets itself apart by emphasizing convenience, transparency and quality for on-the-go dog parents. Services include curbside drop-off and pick-up in under 90 seconds, real-time text updates, and a well-trained and Pet CPR-Certified staff. Members can opt for open-play daycare for shorter periods, providing their dogs with the mental and physical stimulation they need. Usage is billed in 30-minute increments, with a daily capped rate. Members can choose between Loyalty and Unlimited Membership options based on their anticipated frequency of use.

“Flagler Village residents care for their dogs deeply and are in need of premier pet services for their favorite companion,” continued Chuquichanca. “Opening a dog daycare aligns well with the values and needs of the community, and we are excited to be bringing dog parents convenient and compassionate dog daycare.”