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Dog Training Elite Taps Air Force Veteran, Former Exxon Executive as New CEO

By Pet Age Staff//October 13, 2023//

Dog Training Elite Taps Air Force Veteran, Former Exxon Executive as New CEO

By: Pet Age Staff//October 13, 2023//

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Press release: Dog Training Elite

Dog Training Elite, the dog training franchise that supports owners in creating strong relationships and reliable training for their four-legged friends, has named Betsy Feaster its new CEO. Feaster served in the Air Force for over a decade before climbing the corporate ladder at ExxonMobil, exiting as a senior executive. When she left this role, she opened a Dog Training Elite business in Louisiana. This was just the start of her involvement with the company.

“We had so much fun. We really enjoyed meeting the prior leadership staff; we got along well with everyone, and we really understood the business,” said Feaster. “About a year after we bought our first territory, things were going well, and we decided to buy territories in the greater Philadelphia area. Between there and Louisiana, we had 16 territories.”

Shortly after this, the former CEO chose to sell their ownership of the franchise to the Feasters. As a member of the board, Feaster was involved in the search for new leadership, and when the team began to better understand the depth of her leadership overseas in the military, former leadership roles with ExxonMobil and general business acumen, they suggested she step into the CEO role. Feaster shared that she is incredibly loyal to Dog Training Elite, and though she never saw herself in a CEO role due to her previous business experience, her relationship with the franchise is just different.

“This company changed my life,” she said. “I went from being incredibly stressed at Exxon to doing something I love every day. The folks here make me happy, and I’m much happier here both as a franchisee and a member of the leadership team.”

Further, because she has worked as a Dog Training Elite franchisee, Feaster brings a unique perspective to the table.

“I think having a franchise owner in this position is helpful for engagement with the franchisees,” she said. “The same issues that they have, I have. I can understand where they’re coming from and balance the needs of local owners with the needs of the overarching business. The engagement is healthy, and feedback has already been positive.”

As she looks to her future with the brand, Feaster says she is excited to continue growing Dog Training Elite and looks forward to grooming it to become the largest dog training franchise with the smallest number of owners — a testament to the strength of the model and franchisees’ passion for the brand.

While this may take the brand beyond the U.S., the most immediate goal is growth in California. The state offers a huge opportunity for dog trainers and owners alike with a substantial number of lawsuits surrounding poorly behaved dogs. With room for over 140 territories in the state, Feaster said Dog Training Elite is ready to partner with passionate local owners to offer a safe, reliable solution.