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Dog Puller World Championship 2020, Innovation Recognition

Pet Age Staff//November 19, 2019//

Dog Puller World Championship 2020, Innovation Recognition

Pet Age Staff //November 19, 2019//

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Press release: COLLAR Company

The country and the city that will host the third Dog Puller World Championship were chosen! The owners and their pets will be welcomed in Poland, in the ancient city of Wroclaw situated in the southwest of the country. The participants will compete in two main disciplines: “PULLER Running” and “PULLER Jumping”. The Championship will be held in September-October 2020.

The Second Dog Puller World Championship gathered 91 participants from 11 countries—Ukraine, Hungary, Belarus, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Portugal, Canada, South Korea, Russia, Austria and Poland—and hundreds of visitors. In 2020 the teams from all the corners of the world will gather in ancient city of Wroclaw to compete for the World Champions title. 

This time organizers expected participants from 12 countries! The president of the International Federation of Dog Puller, Varvara Petrenko, said, “Dog Puller is a sport where the dog owner can start from the fun daily routine and become a multi-champion known all over the world. The simplicity and accessibility of the sport for any dog and any human make Dog Puller so popular in dozens of countries worldwide.”Panorama01

Dog Puller is sport for dogs and their owners made in Ukraine. It consists of exercises with dog training tool PULLER. Dog Puller has already conquered the hearts of dog owners all over the world from Japan to Canada. Root for your country on the Dog Puller World Championship 2020 in Wroclaw, Poland!

In additional news from the COLLAR Company, its dog fitness tool PULLER was recently named Fetch Toy Product of the Year in the Toys Category of the Pet Innovation Awards, the independent platform for innovations in the pet industry. PULLER provides full emotional and physical load for dogs, strengthens the bond between dog and owner and helps them both to keep themselves fit. Also, the exercises with PULLER are basic for two disciplines of Dog Puller, the international dog sport. The COLLAR Company team is grateful to Pet Innovation Award for such a high approval of PULLER!