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Dog Pad Brand Petix Acquired by Petz, Brazil’s Top Pet Ecosystem Company

Glenn Polyn//February 11, 2022//

Dog Pad Brand Petix Acquired by Petz, Brazil’s Top Pet Ecosystem Company

Glenn Polyn //February 11, 2022//

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Press release: Petix

Petz, the largest pet retail chain in Brazil, recently announced its acquisition of Petix, the leader in premium and sustainable dog pads, and its U.S. division, WizSmart by Petix. This news comes on the heels of exponential growth of WizSmart in the U.S., as more dog owners look for smarter and sustainable ways to care for their beloved pets.

As the country’s top pet retail chain, Petz’s mission is to create a dynamic ecosystem for animal lovers and their pets in Brazil and abroad. With sustainability at the forefront of its business model, WizSmart by Petix joins the company’s U.S. portfolio among other distinguished brands in the pet category, such as Zee Dog, known for its elevated pet-lifestyle products sold online and at its Manhattan flagship store.

“We are adding manufacturing capacity, expanding our product line and investing in marketing to make WizSmart an industry leader in the U.S. and beyond,” said Rogerio Haddad, CEO and founder of Petix.

“We have just begun to scratch the surface in the U.S. market,” added Krister Holm, Petix partner and co-founder of WizSmart. “We have proven in a short period of time that customers want a harder working, more sustainable pad and pet retailers want to offer better quality products. We are excited to be part of the Petz ecosystem and look forward to working with other industry bests like Zee Dog.”

“Petix represents everything we believe in when it comes to building a differentiated platform, and very much in line with the Petz Group’s strategic vision of being recognized worldwide as the best ecosystem in the Pet sector by 2025. The partnership represents a unique move to acquire a strong brand, market leader, with a differentiated product in a fast growing and still low penetrated category,” said Sergio Zimerman, founder and CEO of Grupo Petz, publicly-traded under the symbol PETZ3.

Most pee pads on the market leave a wet mess behind, but WizSmart works every time and over-time, for up to 24 hours. Many pet owners know the agony of picking up a pad after a few hours, only to find that the pee has seeped through and leaked to the floor. Thanks to a leak-proof design using materials from upcycled unused diapers, pet lovers can keep pet’s paws dry and avoid a dirty home using just one (yes only one!) of WizSmart’s premium pads. This means the days of layering four or five pads are over. Dog pads are also notoriously smelly, making it hard to decipher where in the house to station it. WizSmart quickly absorbs liquids to better trap and eliminate unpleasant aromas.

Founded in Brazil in 2007, Petix created a zero-waste manufacturing model to produce incredibly absorbent, premium pee pads made from repurposed baby diapers normally disposed by leading companies for minor defects, saving half a billion diapers from landfills annually. In 2017, Petix started its U.S. brand, WizSmart, to bring its earth-friendly product to market and has since expanded into 2,400 specialty pet stores across the country through a network of nine national distributors. WizSmart All-Day Dry dog pads work hard so pet lovers don’t have to – leaving less waste, no cleanup and more time spent with our furry best friends.