Dogtopia Announces Partnership with NutriSource Pet Foods

Julia Rivera//October 21, 2021//

Dogtopia Announces Partnership with NutriSource Pet Foods

Julia Rivera //October 21, 2021//

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Press release: Dogtopia

In celebration of Pet Wellness Month in October, Dogtopia is renewing its commitment to keep our furry family members across North America healthy and happy, especially as many pet parents return to the office. The dog daycare franchise recently announced it has partnered with NutriSource Pet Food to provide all daycares with dog food as well as delicious dog treats for its Dogtopia Foundation treat machines moving forward.

“Dogtopia’s commitment to families and their dogs’ wellness aligns perfectly with the values of NutriSource, a third-generation family-owned business, so we are excited to partner with them to provide our dogs with healthy and nutritious food and treats,” said Neil Gil, president and CEO of Dogtopia. “We always work with the best of the best for our pet parents and their dogs, and this collaboration with NutriSource aligns perfectly with our overall wellness focus, delivering on diet and nutrition, while giving back to humans in need.”

Like Dogtopia, NutriSource Pet Foods has always prioritized the health and happiness of furry family members. In business since 1964, NutriSource offers a wide variety of diets for dogs of all sizes and ages while tailoring products to pets’ individual needs such as weight management, high performance and age. Its wide variety of wholesome ingredients support proper digestion and gut health, proper nutrient utilization, cognitive health and brain function and a healthy coat and skin.

“NutriSource is always looking for opportunities to partner with likeminded organizations like Dogtopia who focus on the wellbeing and quality care of our pets while staying committed to giving back,” said Charlie Nelson, CEO of NutriSource Pet Foods. “Our company is driven by answering the question, what good are we if we aren’t trying to make a difference, and our partnership with Dogtopia and the support of the Dogtopia Foundation is a great opportunity to further that mission.”

The partnership will bring NutriSource Pet Foods to more than 170 Dogtopia locations across North America. A dog’s day at Dogtopia includes meals prepared according to each pet parent’s request at no extra charge. Pet parents typically bring their own dog food, however Dogtopia’s new partnership provides very nutritious meals and the peace of mind convenience for the parent. Many of Dogtopia’s daycares are designed with a Dogtopia Foundation treat machine where pet parents can make a donation at the front desk in exchange for a token to place in the treat machine, providing their pup with a nutritious treat for the ride home and making each dog’s “most exciting day ever” even better.

Along with great food, Dogtopia offers an open-play environment with protective rubber flooring to ease joints while promoting safe socialization, exercise, education and fun. Dogtopia’s webcams also provide pet parents with peace of mind and the ability to check in on their pups when they are away. The Dogtopia family is composed of both single-unit and multi-unit operators, including husband and wife teams, father and daughter/son duos, siblings and many different types of business owners.

Founded in 2002, Dogtopia is an early pioneer and innovator in the pet services industry, offering an experience focused on quality of care, safety and transparency in the market. With an emphasis on education, exercise and safe socialization for dogs, pet parents have the assurance of leaving their beloved furry family members in the hands of trained professionals in an environment created with the safety of dogs in mind.

NutriSource Pet Foods is a third-generation family owned company based in Perham, Minnestoa. All NutriSource kibble is made by Tuffy’s Pet Foods, Inc. who has specialized in the manufacturing of dry dog and cat food since 1964. NutriSource has a long history of investing in the health and well-being of pets throughout the world. Today, NutriSource offers over 110 different dog and cat food products across its four lines of NutriSource, NutriSource PureVita, NutriSource Element Series and NutriSource Choice. Its product offerings include kibble, cans and treats.



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