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Dog Bar Concept Unleashes Strategic Growth Initiative, Planning for National Franchise Expansion

By Pet Age Staff//April 11, 2024//

Dog Bar Concept Unleashes Strategic Growth Initiative, Planning for National Franchise Expansion

By: Pet Age Staff//April 11, 2024//

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Pups Pub, the wildly popular off-leash, indoor and outdoor dog sports bar is launching a strategic franchise initiative, signaling a bold move towards expansive growth on a national scale.

Leading the pack in dog bars, Pups Pub is set to quickly gain a strong foothold nationally. In support of the brand’s franchise development efforts, the company announced a strategic partnership with Franchise Well, the nation’s leading franchise consulting franchise practice led by reputable industry veteran Dr. Ben Litalien, CFE.

Along with company founders Alex Wright and Sheila Suhar, the husband-and-wife team is working with Litalien putting plans in place to begin selling Pups Pub franchises this Spring to qualified individuals and teams. The trio is leveraging successes at the brand’s initial location in Tampa’s SoHo district, which opened three years ago, and their second location which opened in downtown Orlando just two years later, further proving the concept’s appeal. Both have become favorite destinations for dog owners and their furry friends, with many becoming VIP (Very Important Pup) members at each of the city’s only full liquor sports bar and off-leash dog park.

Pups Pub is a social hub for four-legged friends and their human counterparts, driving loyalty with a monthly membership model, special event “Pawties,” community giveback activities and traditions like no other destination!

“Alex and Sheila are amazing entrepreneurs who have architected a proven model with Pups Pub and together we have the brand uniquely positioned for expansion,” said Litalien. “Now, they are allowing dog lovers and sports bar enthusiasts to bring Pups Pub to their local community.”

Given pent-up demand with broad consumer, and puppy, appeal, Pups Pub is ready to enter all markets with plans to target communities from Texas eastward to Florida and north to Kentucky, Tennessee and the Carolinas.

Location design plans focus on new builds and the conversion of existing sports bars that are 4,500 square feet or larger. Plus, urban and mixed-use entertainment and living centers are prime homes for Pups Pub locations. The bar provides access to a play space for adults and their dogs in areas dense with apartments as well.

“We established Pups Pub out of our deep-rooted love for pets and the sense of community they foster. Now, with the guidance of Franchise Well and Dr. Ben, we’re equipped to tap into unparalleled franchising expertise, empowering us to craft a robust growth strategy for Pups Pub,” said Wright, a retired U.S. Air Force veteran who also has years of accomplished sales and marketing experience with professional sports teams in the Orlando and Tampa markets. “We aim to cultivate a multifunctional space that recognizes the integral role pets play in our lives. Especially in urban settings where pet-friendly spaces are scarce, we’re dedicated to providing a welcoming haven for pets and their owners alike. We are thrilled to be launching our franchise program in the coming weeks as we already have a long list of interested parties.”