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Dog Adoptions, Dragon Highlight Red Poppy Festival in Georgetown, TX

Julia Rivera//April 29, 2022//

Dog Adoptions, Dragon Highlight Red Poppy Festival in Georgetown, TX

Julia Rivera //April 29, 2022//

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Press release: Wag Heaven 

His name is Burt Reynolds, aka “Batman,” and he’s adorned in a gray and blue caped crusader outfit. In addition to daydreaming about leaping from one building to the next, he loves to get belly rubs from his adoring fans.

Burt is a friendly gregarious blue pit bull looking for his forever home. Representing the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter, Burt strutted his stuff on the streets of the Georgetown’s “Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas” during the POPP Pup Parade and Pet Costume Contest organized by Wag Heaven Pet Supplies and Self-Serve Dog Wash as part of the city’s annual Red Poppy Festival, one of Central Texas’s celebrated events.

Celebrating the theme of Adopt Don’t Shop, Wag Heaven welcomed companions from local area pet rescue and shelter organizations to be a part of both its Red Poppy Parade float and the POPP Pup Parade as a way to showcase them to potential adopters.

Organizations represented included Georgetown Animal Shelter, Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter, Living Grace Canine Ranch, Georgetown Animal Outreach and the Sun City Pet Club. The POPP Pup Parade included a pet costume contest, with suggested donation entry fees going to the Friends of Georgetown Animal Shelter.

Austin’s Texas Dragon/Lion Dance Team, consisting of students from the University of Texas, led the POPP Pup Parade with a performance filled with acrobatic acts along with Chinese rhythm drum beats and crashing hand-held cymbals. It symbolizes wisdom, power, wealth and good luck. Hundreds of dogs from the surrounding neighborhoods took part in the celebration, making their journey through the town square.

Koda, the official Georgetown fire department dog, closed the parade, led by her best friend and handler, Jonathan Gilliam, deputy fire marshal. The 4 year-old golden retriever looked stunning in her white satin dress adorned with red poppies.

Hosted and sponsored by Wag Heaven, the POPP Pup Parade made quite an impression with participants and spectators, and will likely remain as one of the draws to the ever so popular Red Poppy Festival. Jeff Manley and Jusak Yang Bernhard hosted the Costume Contest, calling the finalists to the main stage where local celebrity judges chose the winners.

Three prizes were awarded: First place received a six-month supply of NutriSource pet food by KLN Family Brands; Second place received a three-month supply of pet food donated by Nulo pet foods; and Third place received a one-month supply of Mueller’s Milling Perfect Balance pet food.

“The performance by the Texas Lion Dragon Dance Team made the POPP Pup Parade so festive,” said Cari Miller, director of visit Georgetown. “We are so grateful of everyone’s support,” added Jeff Manley, co-owner of Wag Heaven. “So wonderful to promote pet adoption and see hundreds of pets enjoying this wonderful event.”

Burt Reynolds the pit bull found a forever home after participating in the festival events, as did other dogs. Perfect ending for these adoptable dogs and to a wonderful Georgetown, Texas weekend.