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Distinctive Dog Treats Now Available Through Animal Supply Company

Jason Kamery//November 26, 2013//

Distinctive Dog Treats Now Available Through Animal Supply Company

Jason Kamery //November 26, 2013//

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Animal Supply Company, a pet supply distributor based in Federal Way, Wash., added Distinctive Dog treats to their selection of quality pet products.

Distinctive Dog currently has six locations in the Western United States, retailers can now purchase Distinctive Dog treats through Animal Supply Company in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, California, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.

“We are excited to offer Distinctive Dog Treats to an expanding list of retailers across the country,” Tamra Johnson, owner of Distinctive Dog, said. “We believe the more healthy choices consumers have for their pets, the longer and happier lives they will experience. Animal Supply Company shares our values for healthy pets and quality, and we look forward to providing retailers with convenient options for sourcing our products.”

Distinctive Dog was formed in 2010 and in 2012 reformulated their products to include virgin coconut oil and coconut flour. Virgin coconut oil provides a wide variety of benefits including helping with energy, weight loss and thyroid health. It also helps with a dog’s skin and coat, digestion, bone health, metabolic function and immune system support.

“I strive to translate my own healthy eating habits to our dogs,” Johnson said. “I started using coconut oil when cooking for our family and then researched the benefits of coconut oil for dogs. Specifically, virgin coconut oil provides so many healthy benefits for dogs I was compelled to use it in our products.”