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Determining the Proper CBD Dosage

By Honest Paws

While CBD has proven to be a phenomenal, holistic option for pets and humans alike, there is one frequently asked question that plagues those interested in CBD. The question?

How much CBD can I give my pet?

There is a lot of confusion about properly dosing CBD oil for dogs and cats. However, we are happy to report that the answer is simpler than you might think. Generally speaking, CBD dosage is calculated by body weight. When trying out CBD, it is best to start with the following calculation: 0.25mg x 1 pound of body weight.

For instance, if you have a 50-pound dog, your pup should receive ~12.5mg of CBD. If you have a 12-pound cat, your feline should receive ~3mg of CBD. From this, you can make adjustments for your specific pet’s needs.

Now that you know how many milligrams of CBD your pet should consume, next you should calculate how many servings of your CBD product your pet should have. There are two steps to this process.

First, you must know the concentration of CBD in your product. For instance, Honest Paws CBD Purity Tincture – Level One has 125mg of CBD per bottle. Secondly, you must know how much CBD is considered a serving size. In this scenario, one serving of the Level One CBD is equal to one dropper. One dropper contains 4.2mg CBD.

So in this scenario, a dog weighing 16 pounds should have 4mg or around one serving of CBD.

With this said, CBD dosage is not a perfect science. In fact, we recommend that you use this calculation as a starting point more than anything. If you do not see any reduction in symptoms, it is safe to slowly increase the dose as CBD is considered non-toxic (i.e., your pet won’t overdose).

Another thing to take into consideration is the particular ailment your pet is dealing with. It is believed that joint issues require a higher dose while stress requires smaller, more frequent doses. Either way, using this calculation as a starting point and adjusting as needed is the way to go.

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