Build Customer Loyalty: In-Store Education & Quality Product Offerings


Today’s pet parents are more informed than ever and have often done extensive product research and reading up on pet care before they ever set foot in your store. They demand to know what goes into the products they give their pets, and that those products are responsibly and sustainably produced. This is especially true for products pets ingest such as food, treats and animal health supplements.

When faced with tough questions from customers, seize the opportunity to shine by being prepared. You know what is on your shelves and why. And because you have done your homework and truly understand the products, you will have no difficulty explaining the rationale behind the products you stock. An educational deep dive that goes beyond the marketing buzz on the package will help you clinch the sale, and prioritizing shelf space for high-quality products will keep customers coming back.

While price will always be a driving factor in the purchase decision, there is no denying that quality is a competitive advantage. Improve your odds of repeat sales by stocking products that are manufactured to independently audited quality standards, certified for current good manufacturing practices and tested to ensure they meet label claims.

For example, retailers evaluating animal health supplements can confidently choose products with the NASC Quality Seal to ensure they are carrying products from responsible suppliers that have successfully passed a third-party quality audit and maintain ongoing compliance with rigorous NASC quality standards, including strict guidelines for product quality assurance in written, consistent raw material sourcing, manufacturing standards, labeling requirements, and adverse event reporting that are within the guidelines provided by the regulatory agencies.

Retailers should place the same level of importance on quality as they do on price and product mix. To better understand why, pause for a moment and consider the outcome you want when a customer purchases from your store:

  1. The pet responds positively to the product based on the reason it was purchased, meaning the product meets (or exceeds!) the customer’s expectations,
  2. The customer returns to your store to repurchase the product, creating repeat business rather than just a one-time sale,
  3. Your positive interactions with the customer build trust and create loyalty, improving the odds they will think of your store when they need additional pet products,
  4. The customer spreads the word about their positive experience through an online review, a social media post or a recommendation to a friend or family member, resulting in new customer traffic to your store.

When you arm yourself with information and prioritize product quality, this scenario is more likely to become a reality because you are stocking products that consistently perform as intended, creating positive outcomes for your customers’ beloved pets, and building trust and loyalty that brings customers back to your store over and over again.

Now more than ever, retailers large and small are requiring the NASC Quality Seal to bring in products. To better understand why, we invite you to join the NASC as a Retailer member—at no cost to you—to take advantage of training and resources that will provide a better understanding of animal supplement labeling requirements, claims boundaries, and why the NASC Quality Program is the gold standard for the industry.

Visit the NASC Retailer Membersip page to find out how to get your free membership.

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