Day of Volunteering: ZIWI USA Partners With Kansas City Pet Project

Glenn Polyn//April 21, 2022//

Day of Volunteering: ZIWI USA Partners With Kansas City Pet Project

Glenn Polyn //April 21, 2022//

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Press release: ZIWI

A core mission of ZIWI is supporting like-minded businesses who are committed to bettering pet’s lives and health. One of those businesses happens to be a neighbor of ZIWI’s: Kansas City Pet Project (KCPP).

As the largest no-kill shelter in the Kansas City metropolitan area, KCPP successfully cares for over 14,000 pets a year. With programs like “Keep ‘Em Together,” the shelter puts major efforts into helping pet parents overcome adversity to keep their pets in their possession and homes, providing resources to both families and their pets to improve their wellbeing and health. On April 1, ZIWI brought a pack of team members to their KC Campus for Animal Care (KCCAC) with heaps of ZIWI helping hands and donation items to assist in shelter operations.

The KCCAC opened January 1, 2020 and evolved to be a 54,000-square-foot facility focused on “fear-free” housing with separation of species throughout the facility. It features advanced HVAC to decrease disease, odor, and minimize noise, natural lighting, outdoor catios, separate vet and adoption entrances and areas, outdoor play yards, an education pavilion, and much more, making it quite an impressive operation.

ZIWI has been working alongside KCPP for years through different volunteering efforts, event sponsorships, and donations. On this particular date, team members arrived ready to work with preferred donation item like pet beds, hot dogs, peanut butter, trash bags & cans, cleaning supplies, and so on. Teams were assembled and disbursed to assist in tasks like kennel cleaning, dish washing, treat distribution, water bowl cleaning, window washing, restocking, among other necessary duties. The staff takeaway from the event was “When can we go back?”

In addition to the local efforts in ZIWI USA’s hometown, field sales team members took the time to visit their own local shelters across the country, performing similar duties and arriving with arms full of donation items.

  • Ray Lipscomb, Territory Manager – Pasadena Humane Society, Pasadena, California
  • Angela Shoultz, Territory Support Manager – Warrick County Animal Control, Boonville, Indiana
  • Cindy Talbott, Territory Manager- Friendship Animal Protection League, Elyria, Ohio
  • Brandon Wellman, Territory & Distributor Manager – The Whole Cat and Kaboodle, Redmond, Washington

ZIWI has further plans to support KCPP’s mission and events. ZIWI will be participating in KCPP’s May “Caturday” Bar Crawl in downtown Kansas City, and will be a sponsor for its 10th Anniversary celebration.


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