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COLLAR Company Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Glenn Polyn//November 20, 2020//

COLLAR Company Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Glenn Polyn //November 20, 2020//

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Press release: COLLAR Company

COLLAR Company, an international pet products manufacturer celebrates its 25th anniversary on December 14, 2020.

Company counted the products they produced over 25 years of activity:

  • accessories (WAUDOG and others) — 9 million pcs;
  • dog fitness tools (PULLER) — 2.3 million pcs;
  • clothes (AiryVest) — 0.3 million pcs;
  • toys (Liker, Flyber, Pitchdog) — 3 million pcs;
  • wooden cat filler (SuperCat) — 77 million pcs;
  • aquatics (Aqualighter) — 0.3 million pcs.

COLLAR Company’s products are currently available in 70 countries around the world, from Japan to Canada and from Norway to New Zealand.

The company also summarized the results of its other important activities — two Dog Puller World Championships as well as partnerships with NASA and Warner Bros. — which have been implemented over the past few years.

In addition, more than 5,000 children attended canistherapy sessions as a result of the company’s social initiatives. These sessions were initiated by the company together with the Center for comprehensive rehabilitation “Vidrodzhennya” in Chernihiv (Ukraine).

COLLAR Company’s founder and CEO Yuriy Sinitsa made the following statement to sum up the results of the comapny’s first 25 years: “We have something to be proud of. COLLAR Company’s innovative products are changing the world for the better, creating a stronger bond between pets and their parents around the world. Whether it’s Puller in Dog Puller training, WAUDOG accessories, AiryVest jacket, Aqualighter led lamp, or other products — each of them helps a pet parent to give his pet the care and attention. This is what we are working for.”

Going forward, COLLAR Company has plans to expand its brands of accessories and develop new, amazing products.