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Cities Announced for 2022 National AKC Meet the Breeds Tour

Glenn Polyn//December 16, 2021//

Pretty brown yorkshire terrier lying on the pillow and looking at camera

Cities Announced for 2022 National AKC Meet the Breeds Tour

Glenn Polyn //December 16, 2021//

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Press release: AKC

The American Kennel Club (AKC), the largest purebred dog registry and governing body of canine sports in the United States, and GF Sports & Entertainment, a global sports and entertainment events and operations company, are excited to announce the 2022 national tour for AKC Meet the Breeds, America’s largest in-person dog breed educational showcase. The event is perfect for the whole family with children’s tickets less than $20 and a variety of ticket options. AKC Meet the Breeds will bring the two-day breed showcase to multiple cities in 2022.

From Affenpinschers to Yorkshire Terriers and everything in between, the showcase gives pet lovers the unique opportunity to:

  • Meet and play with more than 100 different dog breeds in booths that depict each breed’s country of origin, historical purpose/function
  • Discover new breeds and talk to experts to determine what breeds work for their lifestyle
  • Learn about responsible pet ownership
  • See fun and entertaining demonstrations of dog sports and working dogs exhibiting their skills
  • Engage in unique activities such as testing your own agility skills in our interactive fun zone; and participating in games and photo opportunities with the whole family

All events will be held with COVID-19 protocols in place.

“We are excited to be able to bring this unique, educational dog event to new audiences in 2022,” said Dennis B. Sprung, president and CEO of AKC. “We appreciate the ability to educate the public about dogs and which breeds may fit their lifestyle and how to own these breeds. We thank our knowledgeable Parent Club members for volunteering their expertise on each unique breed.”

Added Shawn Tilger, president of GF Sports & Entertainment: “If you are an animal lover or looking for a fun, family friendly event, then AKC Meet the Breeds is for you! Attendees can meet and play with hundreds of dogs, test their skills and play games in our interactive exhibits and talk to experts to find out what breed is best for you. AKC Meet the Breeds has something for everyone and we are thrilled to present this one-of-a-kind showcase to new audiences in 2022.”

Venue Location Dates
Fairplex Pomona, California March 5-6
Tampa Convention Center Tampa, Florida April 23-24
Kay E. Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center Dallas, Texas June 25-26
San Diego Convention Center San Diego, California September 10-11
Atlanta Convention Center Atlanta, Georgia October 22-23


Visit here for up-to-date information on all AKC Meet the Breeds events.