Choice Pet Products to Carry Polkadog Premium Dog Treats

Pet Age Staff//June 16, 2023//

Choice Pet Products to Carry Polkadog Premium Dog Treats

Pet Age Staff //June 16, 2023//

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Press release: Choice Pet Products

Choice Pet Products, a distributor of high-quality pet brands and products, recently announced its partnership with Polkadog, a treat brand using fish as a natural, rich source of protein for their single and limited ingredient treats. Choice Pet Products will add this new line to its curated portfolio of premium brands offered to independent pet retailers.

“We are incredibly excited to work with Polkadog because they are a brand that shares our passion and dedication to making a difference in the pet industry. We admire their commitment to sustainability as they care about every step of the process, including where their treats are sourced and packaged,” said Janet Carter Smith, president of Choice Pet Products. “We know choosing fish-based products for pet parents can be complicated as they shift to more high-protein, natural, and sustainable diets, but Polkadog makes it simple. Their recipes use fish as a healthy, hypoallergenic protein source that is easily digestible and supports healthy skin and coat”, said Carter Smith.

Polkadog is all about handmade, healthy, sustainable, single and limited-ingredient treats that support a healthy lifestyle for your pet. They work with local fish processors and small farms, and all its treats are packaged at its Boston Fish Pier kitchen. The company works with local artists to develop packaging. Polkadog does all this because it’s what they love and believe in.

“We’re thrilled to launch our partnership with Choice Pet Products in Florida. Choice Pet shares our practice of advocating for retailers through education and service and thoughtfully selecting each brand they support. We’ve seen Choice Pet’s dedication to their brands and retailers, and we’re proud of this new partnership—good partnerships are at the heart of what we believe in at Polkadog,” said Deb Suchman, co-founder of Polkadog.

Choice Pet Products is a distributor of high-quality pet brands and products headquartered in Palmetto, Florida. The Choice team has been committed to going the extra mile and providing our partners and retailers with unique products, essential industry education and marketing since 2014