Choice Pet Now Carrying Silver Honey Wound, Ear, Skin Care Products

Pet Age Staff//July 12, 2023//

Choice Pet Now Carrying Silver Honey Wound, Ear, Skin Care Products

Pet Age Staff //July 12, 2023//

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Press release: Choice Pet Products

Choice Pet Products, a distributor of high-quality pet brands and products, recently announced its partnership with Silver Honey, a pet wellness brand using mother nature’s most powerful antimicrobials for wound, skin and ear care products that have fast-acting healing formulas which soothe and protect against infection. Choice Pet Products will add this new line to its curated portfolio of premium brands offered to independent pet retailers.

“We are thrilled to partner with Silver Honey because they have a deep-rooted passion for animals and have created unique products in the pet space that provide a better way to care for animals,” said Janet Carter Smith, president of Choice Pet Products. “Partnering with Silver Honey, we can offer our retailers one of the most trusted brands in the animal wellness industry. Together we are helping our retailers and their customers provide the best possible care for their pets, so they can get back to the moments that matter faster.”

Silver Honey’s origins can be traced back 130 years to when founders Wilbur and Mary Ida Young used natural ingredients to create the first joint care liniment. They recognized a need for better products to support animals’ health and well-being. Today, they carry on their legacy with natural, fast-acting wound and skin care solutions that pet owners can always rely on.

After years of research and testing, a relentless search for a better way to care for animals led to the creation of Silver Honey. The formula is the first to combine two of nature’s most remarkable healing agents: medical-grade manuka honey and MicroSilver BG for fast, antibiotic-free natural healing. The Silver Honey Family of products includes Silver Honey Hot Spot & Wound Care in ointment and spray gel formats to quickly heal cuts, scrapes, hot spots, rashes, dermatitis and chapped paws and is safe for all animals. Also available is Silver Honey Rapid Ear Care, including Ear Treatment for dogs and cats to heal otitis externa ear infections plus yeast and fungus, and Pet Wipes for routine cleaning and maintenance. All products soothe irritated skin conditions and kill 99 percent of bacteria quickly.

“We are extremely excited to partner with Choice Pet Products to further grow Silver Honey health and wellness brands in Florida. I have a long history with the Choice Pet Product organization and have a lot of respect for the business and team members. WF Young’s focus on health and wellness product innovation and Choice Pet Products’ deepening footprint in the U.S. southeast region establishes a powerful solution for bringing life-changing products to pet parents and their furry family members,” stated Andy Leebrick, chief revenue officer for W.F. Young.