Choice Pet Adds CollaChews All-Natural Dog Chews to Distribution Portfolio

Julia Rivera//December 15, 2022//

Choice Pet Adds CollaChews All-Natural Dog Chews to Distribution Portfolio

Julia Rivera //December 15, 2022//

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Press release: Choice Pet Products 

Choice Pet Products, a distributor of quality pet brands and products, recently announced it will be partnering with CollaChews from the M Pet Group, a manufacturer of all-natural dog chews packed with collagen sourced from grass-fed beef. Choice will be adding CollaChew’s highly digestible chews to its expanding distribution portfolio offered to independent retailers in Florida.

“This is a great brand to bring to Choice,” said Bob Sledzinski, vice president of brand development at Choice Pet Products. “CollaChews’ commitment to high quality and ethical ingredients makes them a great addition to our expanding line of all-natural chews. CollaChews not only provides a healthy alternative to rawhide but keeps dogs busy with their patented long-lasting chew formula.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to launch CollaChews with Choice Pet Products. CollaChews natural dog treats are designed for pet parents who take pride in what they feed their pets. The Choice Pet Products customers will love the chew of CollaChews!” said Zachary San Roman, sales manager at M Pet Group.

CollaChews is an all-natural, limited-ingredient, long-lasting rawhide alternative. Each chew is packed with collagen sourced from grass-fed beef and carefully crafted from hydrolyzed collagen peptides, resulting in higher digestibility and a longer-lasting rawhide alternative.

CollaChews proudly guarantees the highest quality and ethical ingredients in all its chews.

Choice Pet Products is a distributor of high-quality pet brands and products headquartered in Palmetto, Florida. The Choice team has been committed to going the extra mile and providing its partners and retailers with unique products, essential industry education and marketing since 2014.


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