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Chicago Atlantic Funds Term Loan to AI-Driven GPS Dog Collar Halo Collar

By Pet Age Staff//November 7, 2023//

Chicago Atlantic Funds Term Loan to AI-Driven GPS Dog Collar Halo Collar

By: Pet Age Staff//November 7, 2023//

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Press release: Halo Collar

Chicago Atlantic recently announced it closed a secured term loan with Halo Collar, the AI-driven dog collar that utilizes proprietary technology to offer highly accurate GPS dog fencing solutions.

The collaboration with Halo Collar is part of Chicago Atlantic’s growth finance strategy, which aims to support companies as they accelerate their growth.

“Chicago Atlantic prides itself on its ability to support disruptive companies during intense growth, and our partnership with Halo Collar demonstrates this vision,” said Tony Cappell, founding partner of Chicago Atlantic. “Halo Collar’s use of GPS and GNSS technology has demonstrated great success, and the team continues to leverage category-changing tools with multiple applications.”

Co-founded in 2017 by world-renowned dog behaviorist Cesar Millan, Ken Ehrman and Michael Ehrman, Halo Collar announced its newest model, the Halo Collar 3, in September 2023, which has been met with high demand. The unique dog fencing solution contains advanced features in hardware and software design that combine a wireless smart fence, smart training, GPS tracker and activity tracker in one easy-to-use smart collar and correlating smart phone app.

“Halo Collar and Chicago Atlantic have a shared vision to keep dogs safe through innovative technology,” said Ken Ehrman, co-founder and CEO of Halo Collar. “This partnership will support Halo Collar’s work as a technological and business leader in the dog containment industry, with potential to expand the category due to Halo Collar’s portability. The majority of dogs still do not have containment, and we remain committed to bridging this gap and providing the best for pet parents everywhere.”

Chicago Atlantic is a private market investment manager combining deep expertise with an entrepreneurial approach to multi-asset class investing. Founding partners John Mazarakis, Tony Cappell and Andreas Bodmeier established Chicago Atlantic in 2019 and have grown the firm’s private investment strategies to include opportunistic credit, private equity and impact investing. Chicago Atlantic has made over $2 billion in credit and equity investments to date.

Chicago Atlantic’s opportunistic credit strategy seeks to capitalize on North American investment opportunities that are time-sensitive, complex, or in dislocated markets, where risk is fundamentally mispriced. Focus areas are lending to out-of-favor industries, growth finance and liquidity solutions.