Chewmate to Premiere Innovative TreatBrush Pet Dental Care Collection at Global Pet Expo

By Pet Age Staff//March 1, 2024//

Chewmate to Premiere Innovative TreatBrush Pet Dental Care Collection at Global Pet Expo

By: Pet Age Staff//March 1, 2024//

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In line with the “Innovation in Motion” theme of Global Pet Expo, which takes place this month in Orlando, Florida, pet oral care brand Chewmate is ready to unveil its revolutionary collection of floss and toothbrush toys for dogs and cats that make pet oral hygiene easy and fun.

Chewmate’s groundbreaking TreatBrush, developed after four years of extensive R&D, is a game changer in pet oral care because it allows your dog to brush its own teeth. The TreatBrush, a unique fusion of toy, treat, floss and toothbrush, makes dental hygiene a stimulating fun-filled activity for pets, effectively tackling prevalent gum diseases in pets over three years.

“We understand that most dogs hate to have their teeth brushed and the challenges and costs pet owners face when it comes to maintaining their dog’s oral health,” said world-renowned dentist and Chewmate co-founder Dr. Allan Coopersmith. “That’s why we created TreatBrush, a one-of-a-kind toothbrush toy that allows dogs to brush and floss their own teeth while playing. Our goal is to make dental care easy, effective, and fun for pets and pet parents.”

The novelty of the TreatBrush lies in its science backed patented design, with “Floss Slots” and hundreds of natural rubber nubs which ensures triple cleaning of a pet’s teeth, gums and tongue- contributing to a healthier mouth and heart, brighter smile and (of course) fresher breath. Inserting a treat increases stimulation and engagement. The TreatBrush is a toy, toothbrush, floss and treat all in one and is available in enticing shapes like bone, football and even sustainable Plush.

Progressive thinking pet retailers can view Chewmate’s innovative collection during Global Pet Expo at Booth 1204.