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BAYDOG Announces Formation of Product Advisory Board

Julia Rivera//June 23, 2021//

BAYDOG Announces Formation of Product Advisory Board

Julia Rivera //June 23, 2021//

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Press release: The Chesapeake Bay Dog Company

The Chesapeake Bay Dog Company, maker of the BAYDOG brand of Canine Adventure Gear, announces the formation of a product advisory board. The board, consisting of three pet industry professionals with decades of experience, will advise the company on the creation of new offerings, as well as the evolution of their existing product line.

“I started BAYDOG in 2018 by creating products that I wanted for my own dog,” said Barton O’Brien, founder and CEO. “But as we grow, it is essential that we make products that appeal to every dog owner. To help us do this, we have put together an amazing group of advisors who bring years of experience in pet retail to help guide the company forward.”

The board will consist of: Lindsay Mutschler, CFO of Concord Pet Food and Supplies; Amy Bossard, owner of and Simply American Dog Treat Truck and Ellen Campbell, head of sales and marketing at Southeast Pet.

O’Brien continued, “BAYDOG is built on supporting brick and mortar retail, and all three of our advisors bring unique retail experience to the table. Whether it’s running pet stores directly or working with store owners at the wholesale or distribution level, these are the perspectives we need to hear to enhance our product line in a way that will continue to benefit our retail partners.”

“I’ve worked with the BAYDOG team since the beginning, and they have always asked a lot of questions and been thoughtful in their approach to product design,” said Bossard. She continued, “O’Brien is just formalizing what has been standard procedure –seeking out experienced collaborators that can help take BAYDOG to the next level.”

Mutschler, who brings 15 years of pet retail experience to the board, said “We have carried BAYDOG at Concord for two years, and they have been great partners.” She continued, “One of the reasons we brought in the line was their dedication to supporting brick and mortar retailers. Now that the company is growing, it’s important to us that they are keeping their focus on their customers, and I’m looking forward to being a part of that.”

The Chesapeake Bay Dog Company launched in 2018 and is headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland. It is a 100 percent veteran-owned business and offers a full line of performance-oriented dog accessories. All products are 100 percent guaranteed and can be found in over 900 stores in the U.S. and Canada.