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Inside Scoop

Feb 1, 2024

Toys for Every Tail™: Tall Tails Understands That Dogs are More Than Just Pets

It’s not easy to stand out from the pack in the crowded toy sector of the pet product industry; however, Tall Tails has managed to do just that. Since debuting in 2012, the brand has crafted iconic and eye-catching designs that pet parents embrace as they seek a toy for their beloved companion dogs. Established […]

Aug 22, 2023

Inside Scoop: Reshaping the Supplement Industry Through Successful Self-Regulation

Since its founding more than 22 years ago the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) has been a driving force in the regulation of supplements for dogs, cats and horses. Becoming a member of the NASC means making a commitment to quality, consistency and continuous improvement. “This industry was threatened by products and ingredients being removed […]