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Carnivore Meat Company Announces New Sustainability Initiatives Ahead of Earth Day

By Pet Age Staff//April 18, 2024//

Carnivore Meat Company Announces New Sustainability Initiatives Ahead of Earth Day

By: Pet Age Staff//April 18, 2024//

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Carnivore Meat Company has unveiled the expansion of its sustainability initiatives aimed at significantly reducing its carbon footprint. These innovative measures include additional case pack optimizations, joining The Pet Sustainability Coalition and partnering with The Green Project to track and monitor its carbon footprint. Carnivore Meat Company provides dogs and cats with premium-quality, raw frozen and freeze-dried food and treats.

While sustainability efforts are familiar territory for Carnivore Meat Company, market trends show the ever-growing interest from consumers to buy from sustainable brands in the pet food sector.  According to the American Pet Products Association, 71 percent of pet parents consider sustainability when making purchasing decisions.

As such, Carnivore Meat Company is rolling out new case packaging for their shipments. This new design allows for more products to be packed per case, reducing the amount of cardboard needed and improving transportation efficiency. As a result, the company expects to decrease its use of large boxes by 30 percent annually.

Nick Ebert, chief commercial officer at Carnivore Meat Company, emphasized the positive impact this initiative will have on the environment, stating that “the new bulk packaging will lead to a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, estimated at approximately 82,000 kilograms annually, while also reducing overall cardboard usage to support energy savings, waste reduction and resource conservation.”

To track and monitor the impact of Carnivore Meat Companies sustainability initiatives, such as their new case packs for shipments, they have undertaken a detailed assessment of their current emissions with Green Project Technologies. Green Project Technologies provides companies with a comprehensive look at their ESG performance through compilation of their electric, gas and water usage information into one platform. From there, companies can track, monitor, and report their carbon emissions, ensuring both transparency and accountability in reducing its carbon footprint.

Additionally, Carnivore Meat Company, parent company of Vital Essentials, has joined the Pet Sustainability Coalition to help advance sustainable practices globally in the pet industry. As a leader in providing premium raw frozen and freeze-dried dog and cat food, Vital Essentials’ partnership with the Pet Sustainability Coalition is a strategic alignment with its mission to offer Butcher Cut Protein to pets that’s not only beneficial for them but also environmentally responsible. This membership underscores the company’s dedication to environmental stewardship and its commitment to meet the growing consumer demands.

“Our partnerships with the Pet Sustainability Coalition and Green Project Technologies represent a significant step forward in minimizing our environmental footprint and propelling our sustainability efforts forward,” added Ebert.