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CanBiocin Secures European Distribution of Proprietary Species-Specific Probiotics

Julia Rivera//August 4, 2021//

CanBiocin Secures European Distribution of Proprietary Species-Specific Probiotics

Julia Rivera //August 4, 2021//

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Press release: CanBiocin

CanBiocin, creators of species-specific probiotics for companion animals, has aligned with Healy Group for market entry and distribution across the United Kingdom and Ireland.  This partnership follows on CanBiocin’s submission for approval by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). In addition to published EFSA requirements, CanBiocin has completed significant additional third-party studies for safety and efficacy.

“The partnership with a highly regarded global distributor coupled with our EFSA submission are key to ensuring CanBiocin’s species-specific probiotics can benefit animals across Europe,” says CanBiocin CEO, Dr. J.F. (Jake) Burlet.

“European manufacturers are eager to access novel quality, naturally-sourced ingredients to incorporate into their products.”

The body of work, completed by third party research locations compliant with EU legislative requirements, reveals that CanBiocin’s species-specific probiotics support a range of animal health benefits, including:

  • a stronger gut epithelial barrier
  • anti-inflammatory properties within the gastrointestinal tract
  • shifting the faecal and gut microbiota composition and increasing the production of beneficial short chain fatty acids to improve animal health
  • inhibition of the growth of common food borne pathogens such as E. coli, Salmonella and Clostridia

CanBiocin’s species-specific probiotics for companion animals are of the highest quality and purity and produced in human grade fermentation facilities. They provide manufacturers with industry leading organisms for inclusion in pet food, pet treats and pet supplements.

“The market potential for species-specific probiotics for our customers is immediately obvious,” says Gareth Healy, group sales director for Healy, a global health and nutrition distributor. “We are impressed with the investment, effort and progress that CanBiocin has made regarding EFSA regulatory approval.”

EFSA is recognized as having one of the most stringent regulatory review processes to obtain approval for market entry. CanBiocin’s submission is based upon years of scientific rigor and meeting all of the defined EFSA regulatory dossier submission requirements. Notably, CanBiocin delivered scientific studies well beyond the threshold requirements required for registration as a zootechnical feed additive. Work was conducted in the Netherlands, Ireland and North America to demonstrate the positive impacts of species-specific probiotics.

CanBiocin was founded in 1998 and is a global leader in species-specific companion animal and livestock probiotic development. With a mission to build health from the inside out, the company targets overall microbiome health to support all animal body systems and functions.  Today, its premium canine and other pet probiotic lines help global pet food manufacturers fill their customers’ need to care for their pets as integral members of their families deserving of the same attention and investment in their health and wellness. 

CanBiocin livestock probiotics offer a natural, non-antibiotic alternative to support livestock health and production. CanBiocin has a growing number of customers in North America, as well as internationally.  

Healy is dedicated to the provision of high-quality nutritional ingredients to the food, supplement, health and wellness nutrition sectors. Specializing in a wide range of ingredients and unique blends, Healy works closely with its partners and customers to deliver trusted quality, dedicated technical support and innovative, bespoke solutions. Healy distributes from sites in Ireland, the United Kingdom, China and the Netherlands.