California Safe Soil Pet Food Ingredients Upcycled Certified by UFA

Glenn Polyn//February 13, 2023//

California Safe Soil Pet Food Ingredients Upcycled Certified by UFA

Glenn Polyn //February 13, 2023//

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Press release: California Safe Soil

California Safe Soil (CSS) has officially achieved upcycled certification for its Pet Food Ingredients through the Upcycled Food Association’s (UFA) Upcycled Certified Program demonstrating its commitment to preventing food from going to waste while growing the upcycled economy.

According to CSS CEO, Dan Morash, “CSS has proprietary processes and technology that takes unsellable food before it becomes waste and turns it into valuable and marketable products. In addition to CSS’s suite of highly valued fertilizer products, CSS is also leveraging its technology to produce pet food ingredients. The upcycled pet food products have a great nutritional profile, are highly palatable and competitively priced, while supporting supermarkets and pet food manufactures achieve their sustainability objectives. CSS’s upcycled pet food ingredients include wet and dry ingredients, a family of palatants and freeze-dried treats. CSS is excited about the Upcycled Certified process, demonstrating CSS’s commitment to greatly improve air, water, and soil environment, while employing safe, clean and efficient solutions that meet the needs of CSS’s customers.”

Upcycled food means utilizing food before it becomes waste by creating new, high-quality, nutritional products. Recently, groups have predicted upcycled foods becoming a major purchasing trend. Whole Foods Market listed upcycled food as a top 10 trend in 2023.

“Finally, companies can help mitigate food waste by participating in a straightforward, powerful program that recovers food before it becomes waste into new products and ingredients,” said UFA Interim CEO Angie Crone.

“Cutting food waste is the single-most effective thing people can do to address climate change. Thanks to the roll-out of this set of clear, uniform standards and protocols, reducing food waste becomes much easier. It’s an innovative approach because it’s the first consumer product-based solution, making it highly scalable and economically sustainable,” said UFA Interim CEO Angie Crone

The Upcycled Certified Program is maintained by the Upcycled Certified Program Standards Committee with oversight by the Upcycled Food Association Board. The UFA Board selected a team of subject matter experts from across the food supply chain with over 150 years of combined experience to develop the first ever Upcycled Certification Standard. The goal is to create a certification to act as the first consumer-facing Mark to identify upcycled products and help set a high bar for the industry. The UFA’s mission is to reduce food waste by growing the upcycled food economy and create a pipeline for Upcycled Certified ingredients that brands can then use to create new and innovative products.