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Caitec Introduces Toy Line From Nala Cat at Global Pet Expo

Glenn Polyn//March 7, 2023//

Caitec Introduces Toy Line From Nala Cat at Global Pet Expo

Glenn Polyn //March 7, 2023//

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Press release: Caitec

Caitec recently announced the official launch of the Nala Cat Toy line at Global Pet Expo. Nala Cat is Instagram’s most famous cat with over 4 million followers. Nala Cat is also a verified Guiness World Records title holder for the most followers on Instagram for a cat. She also has her own website. Nala comes from humble beginngs as she was adopted in 2011 from a shelter in California. The new line is inspired by Nala Cat’s favorite toys in several popular cat toy categories: kickers, wands, lasers, tunnels, bat/toss catnip stuffers, motion teasers and treat dispensers.

“Who better to design a cat toy line than a cat herself?” asked Terry Gao, CEO of Caitec, Inc. “Each and every toy we developed was inspired by Nala Cat’s favorite toys. She personally approved of every toy we brought to market.”

The Nala Cat line is made up of over 21 SKUs giving retailers a complete Cat Toy POG solution. PetSmart has been carrying the Nala Cat Toy line since January 1, and it has quickly become a top selling cat toy brand in dollars and units. The line has shown no signs of slowing down with the challenge becoming keeping items in stock.

Varisiri “Pookie” Methachittiphan and Shannon Ellis are the parents of Nala Cat, the most popular cat on Instagram. As loving pet parents and animal advocates, Pookie and Shannon recognize that a safe home and toys that enrich a cat’s life are key to helping cats live their best life. That is why they have taken special care in choosing the right materials, shapes, catnip and committed partners to craft  toys that cats love and their parents can trust. Nala Cat herself has been helping support her toy line by posting on social media telling her 4 million+ fans all about it. Caitec will be showcasing the complete Nala Cat toy line at Global Pet Expo, Booth 1061.