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Caitec Combines Bird Product Brands

Pet Age Staff//February 7, 2018//

Caitec Combines Bird Product Brands

Pet Age Staff //February 7, 2018//

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Caitec announced that it has combined the bird brands Featherland and Paradise. The new Featherland Paradise brand will now serve as the umbrella for all of Caitec’s bird offerings. The new brand is also getting a major packaging makeover to reflect its leading position in the market. Its new, modern packaging will make identifying the type and size of birds a product is meant for easier for the trade and ultimately the end consumer.

“For over 14 years Caitec has been at the forefront of bird toys and accessories,” said Terry Gao, president of Caitec. “The new Featherland Paradise brand is a reflection of our success in the category. Major retail buyers are discovering that our products are best sellers in the bird category and can reinvigorate their bird sets.”

The new Featherland Paradise brand look will be featured in leading trade publications to help buyers become aware of the brand and packaging changes. The new packaging will also be on display at Global Pet Expo at Caitec’s booth, #3825.