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Bubbly Paws Self-Service Dog-Wash Franchise Opens in Charlotte

Julia Rivera//May 9, 2022//

Woman washes dog in colorful self service dog washing salon while another checks in

Bubbly Paws Self-Service Dog-Wash Franchise Opens in Charlotte

Julia Rivera //May 9, 2022//

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Press release: Bubbly Paws 

Bubbly Paws, a self-service dog wash and full service dog grooming salon, recently announced its first franchise location is opening its doors in Charlotte, North Carolina. Bubbly Paws will not only offer the Charlotte market the best in innovative state of the art dog grooming, but the company – and the Wright family who will spearhead the franchise – will also support outreach opportunities in the community.

Bathing and pet-grooming services are an integral part of caring for beloved pet-children. Animal experts have identified professional grooming as vital to keeping pets healthy. The one of a kind concept of Bubbly Paws involves self-service tubs where pet-owners are able to come in and bathe their canine in a home away from home manner. Modeled after upscale hair salons, each location also offers an array of grooming services in a low-stress and laid back setting.

Mary Royall Wright, a soon to retire kindergarten teacher in Charlotte, is looking forward to opening the first Bubbly Paws store outside of the Minneapolis area. After researching a number of different grooming companies, and visiting them, Wright felt that Bubbly Paws stood out as the most innovative, tasteful and caring spa on the market.

“We are excited to begin the Bubbly Paws adventure in the city that we love. The grooming spa offers customers a wonderful and caring experience – and who wouldn’t want a job where you get to meet adorable fur babies everyday?” said Wright. “Not only are the founding folks dog loving, friendly people but they take the care of dogs very seriously. Their customer service is superb.”

Wright’s daughters, Madeline and Martha, will also be involved and it is this emphasis on family that sets Bubbly Paws apart. Pet-lovers can choose from grooming services, self-service bathing or full-service bathing – all in a bright and open, modern setting. Groomers work lovingly and carefully out in the open alongside pet-parents bathing their beloved pooch – one big happy doggy-loving family.

“Over the past 11 years, we have taken a slow and stable approach when it comes to growing our corporate locations. We take the same approach in growing the franchise side of the business because, for us, it’s not about the quantity of stores we open in a year, but the quality of those stores,“ said Keith Miller, co-owner of Bubbly Paws. “The Wright’s are such amazing people that we could not have picked a better group of people to lead our first franchise. They love the Bubbly Paws concept, and their excitement makes us excited for our franchise team to work with them to get their new dog wash open!”

From fundraisers to support causes for dogs, to engaging customers in fun ways to interact with their pups, Bubbly Paws is a brand ready to expand across the country. With five locations around Minneapolis and Idaho, Charlotte is only the first of the franchises. New Jersey, Texas, Wisconsin and California, to name a few, are currently store-franchises in the works.

Bubbly Paws opened its first dog wash in 2011 and have now grown to more than five corporate stores (four in the Minneapolis area and one just outside Boise, Idaho). Bubbly Paws is more than just a place to groom or bathe your dog because one of its core business models is to give back to the local pet community. The company donates goods, services and money to local pet rescues and foundations. In 2021 over $15,000 in goods and services were donated.