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British Small Pet Brand Supreme Petfoods to Sponsor San Diego Bunnyfest

Pet Age Staff//September 14, 2023//

British Small Pet Brand Supreme Petfoods to Sponsor San Diego Bunnyfest

Pet Age Staff //September 14, 2023//

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Press release: Supreme Petfoods

Supreme Petfoods, a leading British company specializing in small pet nutrition, recently announced its gold level sponsorship of the highly anticipated San Diego House Rabbit Society Bunnyfest. Set to take place on Sunday September 24th, this annual event, held at Liberty Station in San Diego, stands as the largest annual fundraiser for SHDRS. Supreme’s sponsorship underscores its dedication to supporting rabbit health and wellbeing, both at home and further afield.

The San Diego House Rabbit Society (SDHRS) is a volunteer-run non-profit organization, which each year rescues hundreds of rabbits, many in need of critical medical care. The annual cost of this can reach $95,000 and Bunnyfest plays a pivotal role in supporting SDHRS’ rescue efforts. Bunnyfest also serves as a vital educational platform and celebrates the joy that rabbit ownership brings to many. Attendees can expect an array of exciting activities, including a silent auction, mini educational lectures, games and much more.

Supreme will have a booth at the event, where visitors will have the opportunity to gain the latest insights into rabbit nutrition, with the company’s knowledgeable team on hand to answer questions. The company will also be giving away free samples of its Science Selective Rabbit Food. Made with science-based nutritional expertise, the range of single component extruded nuggets is high in fibre with no added sugar and aligns with natural nutrition. The product lineup includes Science Selective Junior Rabbit Food, tailored for young rabbits up to 20 weeks of age, as well as Science Selective Adult Rabbit, Four+ Rabbit, Science Selective Grain Free Rabbit and Science Selective House Rabbit, ensuring all lifestyles and life stages are catered for.

As well as the extruded nugget diets, Supreme will be showcasing Science Selective Recovery Plus. Rehydratable as a nutritionally complete syringeable liquid feed, Recovery Plus is rich in natural forage and herbs, high in fiber, highly palatable with no added sugars and it provides intensive nutritional support at times of illness with both pro and prebiotics to help rebalance gut flora. One of Supreme’s wide bore feeding syringes is included in every pack, offering a user-friendly solution to syringe feeding. Many rabbits that end up in rehoming centers have been fed an inappropriate diet lacking in fiber, and they may arrive with an array of health issues. A critical care syringeable diet, such as Recovery Plus, can make all the difference.

Claire Hamblion, Marketing Director at Supreme Petfoods, said, “It’s no secret that sadly more and more pets are needing the support of organisations like The San Diego House Rabbit Society. Not only do they provide education about responsible rabbit care, but they also offer much-needed rescue and adoption services. Their values align directly with our own and we are delighted to be able to support their cause.”