Brewscuits and Acadia Antlers Collaborate on New Treat

October 27, 2017

Two USA family-owned and -operated small businesses are coming together to create a new unique dog treat. Brewscuits Beer Grain Dog Biscuits and Acadia Antlers are combining their all-natural USA made dog treats and have come up with, “The Drunken Moose.”

Brewscuits Beer Grain Dog Biscuits started in May 2013 in Pennsylvania when homebrewers Petrina DiOrio and Kim Triol placed some of their spent grains outside on the picnic table to go to the compost. When they forgot they left the grain outside and let the dogs out, one of their rescues climbed up on the picnic table and stole the bag of grain. Brewscuits are made with quality spent grains, barley, oats, rye, egg, flour, and either peanut butter, pumpkin, or sweet potato. Brewscuits contain no salt, sugar, additives or preservatives.

Acadia Antlers began in January 2010 in New Jersey when owner Carol Plescia and her sons Ryan and Kyle took a family vacation in Maine and stopped at a roadside stand selling moose antler sheds as souvenirs for tourists. The next summer at that very same roadside stand Acadia Antlers made its debut. From there, it just took off. Acadia Antlers are naturally shed moose antlers that are bought directly from the people that find them. The company hand crafts each dog chews to cater to all size dogs. Moose Antlers are a dense chew that lasts a long time. They are non-splintering and have no mess or odor.

One of Acadia Antler’s products that appeals to a wider audience is Moose Dust. It is ground moose antler that was intended to be a food topper for dogs when they get fussy with their kibble, but it has also become a very popular calcium addition to raw diets as well. Brewscuits are combining the moose dust into its recipe for added calcium. Calcium is important for dogs, especially during pregnancy, puppyhood and senior years. Calcium strengthens bones and teeth. A lot of commercial dog foods contain calcium, but raw diets tend to lack enough calcium unless your dog is consuming 50 percent easily consumable raw, meaty bones such as chicken necks, backs, wings and leg quarters; pork ribs, necks and breasts; lamb ribs; and turkey necks.

Calcium is a very important mineral and is a major component of bone and cartilage. Proper calcium intake insures healthy bones and teeth. Calcium also plays an important role in hormone transmission, nerve function, muscle contraction, digestion, cognitive function and blood clotting. If your dog ends up with low amounts of calcium, it will resorb calcium from storage areas in his body which can result in serious problems.

Combining the quality ingredients from Brewscuits with the all-natural Acadia Antler moose antler dust was an easy decision for both business owners. Both Brewscuits and Acadia Antlers pride themselves as family owned and operated, USA made quality dog treats.

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