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Brazilian Pet Food Company Raises Awareness for Animals at Rio Open Tennis Tournament

By Pet Age Staff//April 16, 2024//

Brazilian Pet Food Company Raises Awareness for Animals at Rio Open Tennis Tournament

By: Pet Age Staff//April 16, 2024//

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PremieRpet, the first company to develop super premium pet food in Brazil, recently had the opportunity to sponsor six adoptable “CãoDulas” at the 2024 Rio Open. For the seventh year in a row, the brand was able to promote the cause of pet adoption at the largest tennis tournament in South America.

In search of a home and representing thousands of pets awaiting adoption, Lobinha, Mila, Nico, Ursula, Tigrinha and Pantera shared the spotlight with some of the best tennis players in the world. The unrivaled team of “ball dogs” spent their day tracking down any balls that left the court, plus they got the chance to participate in a special game with many of the athletes at the open.

After inaugurating its new facility, PremieRpet started to encounter numerous abandoned pets left on its doorstep, including the six CãoDulas. Out of unwavering love for animals, the PremieRpet team created a kennel for these pets within its 680,000-square-meter facility. With plenty of space to exercise and play, the dogs are now cared for by countless pet professionals, including animal behavior specialist Ana Lucia Baldan, PhD from The Federal University of Paraná and partner of the PremieRpet Institute.

“By bringing these dogs to the center court at the Rio Open year after year, we demonstrate that adult dogs – when loved and taken care of properly – can thrive in nearly any environment,” said Fernando Maluf, VP of international sales at Natoo. “We’re confident that with our help, each of these incredible animals will soon find a place to call home.”

Following the Rio Open, which took place in February at the Jockey Club Brasileiro, Lobinha, Mila, Nico and Ursula were adopted by extremely loving families. Tigrinha, Pantera and several other rescued dogs are still available for adoption through Hyppet, partner of the PremieRpet Institute.

Since 2016, the CãoDulas reinforce the importance of pet adoption, demonstrating their strong companionship and joy, regardless of their history of abandonment. In addition to sponsoring pups at the Rio Open, PremieRpet’s U.S. company, Natoo, donates food and treats to a local pet adoption center every month. In the last two years, Natoo has provided 60,000 pounds of food to animals in need.

(Photo courtesy PremieRpet/diego padilha)