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Bond Vet Pet Health Company Launches Medical Products

Glenn Polyn//June 1, 2021//

Bond Vet Pet Health Company Launches Medical Products

Glenn Polyn //June 1, 2021//

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Press release: Bond Vet

Bond Vet recently announced the launch of its new product line, following the successful release of its own 100 percent natural Lucky Dog treats. Bond Vet is a pet health company led by female veterinarian Dr. Zay Satchu and her partners Mo Punjani and Lukas Keindl that is bringing modern and technology-enabled veterinary clinics to New York City and beyond. The company’s mission is to strengthen the human-animal bond through access to better pet care.

The new line of medical products was designed by Bond Vet’s own veterinarians to bring best-in-class medicine to pet owners in a more accessible way. The line includes an Ear Flush, Paw Balm, Pet Immunity, Healthy Joints, Disinfecting Wipes and Clean Teeth — all health and hygiene products for healthier, happier pets. These medical products are available in all Bond Vet clinics as well as on Bond Vet’s online shop.

In addition to the full range of veterinary services, Bond Vet’s Swag Shop, an e-commerce site featuring its own Lucky Dog treats (100 percent natural beef, turkey, salmon and chicken jerky), Happy Cat catnip, apparel, and more. The shop “puts the wag in swag” and brings client (and pet) favorites right to their doorstep.

Bond Vet is redefining the veterinary industry by focusing on four pillars — technology, design, service and culture — which makes a better experience for the veterinary staff, the pet parents and the pets. The spaces are calm and welcoming, the technology is seamless, and the emphasis on urgent care and walk-in appointments means Bond Vet is there for you when you simply can’t wait.

Bond Vet clinics are inclusive and open to all for veterinary services ranging from wellness check-ups to emergency care. The New York-based animal health company’s first clinic opened in June 2019 in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, followed by the Upper East Side in December 2019, the Upper West Side in April 2020, and Chelsea in August 2020. Bond Vet’s clinics are inclusive and open to all, meaning no membership is required, and patients can walk in or book an appointment through the website or mobile application. Unlike most vet clinics and animal hospitals, Bond Vet provides both urgent and primary care, and offers online booking and walk-ins. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Bond Vet opened two new clinics, launched a telehealth service, and pivoted the in-person clinics to perform drop-off visits, where veterinarians continued to provide medical care to sick patients while creating contactless care for pet parents. During the
pandemic, Bond Vet also launched a surgery division; today a significant portion of Bond Vet’s appointments are surgical, from spays and neuters, to dental cleanings, and urgent and emergent procedures.