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Billy Hoekman Joins Green Juju as VP of Nutrition and Communication

Glenn Polyn//June 2, 2021//

Billy Hoekman Joins Green Juju as VP of Nutrition and Communication

Glenn Polyn //June 2, 2021//

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Press release: Green Juju

Billy Hoekman, a leading voice in the pet nutrition industry, has joined Green Juju as the vice president of nutrition and communication for the Pacific Northwest-based pet food company. Kelley Marian, founder of Green Juju, announced the hire recently, and Hoekman officially started his new position on June 1.

“Billy is an expert at breaking down the science behind developing natural pet food products that create real and lasting benefits for our dogs,” Marian said. “I have admired his work for years, so I am absolutely thrilled to have him on the team.”

Green Juju was founded in 2014, offering fresh greens blends that harness the health benefits of organic vegetables and fruits to help pet owners add more life to their dog’s bowl. The blends were originally designed for Marian’s dog, Bailey, to improve her health following a cancer diagnosis. Green Juju’s fresh greens blends, along with bison bone broth and freeze-dried whole food bites, are sold at independent pet retailers nationwide.

Throughout Hoekman’s career, he has been involved in nutrition consultations, education, formulation, product development, farm collaboration and working with the veterinary community. With Green Juju, he will continue many of those same pursuits. He will communicate directly with retailers, distributors and consumers to help educate them about the importance of feeding a nutritious diet to achieve optimal health benefits. Hoekman will also work closely with Marian in developing new products, as well as ensuring that every Green Juju product delivers the best nutrition for pets.

“I’m really looking forward to being part of something where we can affect the overall diets of dogs and cats on a large scale,” Hoekman said. “I’m already excited about the great products we already have, as well as new products that Kelley and I will have a hands-on approach to developing in the future.”