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Big Bang Theory Actress Kaley Cuoco Announces Launch of Oh Norman! Pet Care Brand

By Pet Age Staff//October 25, 2023//

Big Bang Theory Actress Kaley Cuoco Announces Launch of Oh Norman! Pet Care Brand

By: Pet Age Staff//October 25, 2023//

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Press release: Oh Norman!

Actress and animal advocate Kaley Cuoco recently announced the launch of Oh Norman!, her new pet care brand committed to creating eco friendly, durable and safe products. Inspired by Cuoco’s love for her late dog Norman, the brand will redefine the pet care industry through curated collections of sustainably-minded, high-quality products developed to tackle the everyday challenges faced by owners.

Available now, Oh Norman! is launching its first limited-edition capsule collection of ethically sourced, clean products that include two liquid supplements, “Oh Norman! Stop Effing Itching!” and “Calm the Eff Down!,” as well as dog bowls, dog placemats and matching human and dog sweatshirts. Future collections will begin rolling out later this year, with products supporting pets and their owners through the development of trustworthy and environmentally conscious products. Driven by Cuoco’s own love for animals and experience as a dog mom to five rescues, Oh Norman! will donate a portion of its sales to rescue organizations on the frontline that are making a difference in the lives of animals.

“My beloved, hilarious dog Norman’s unconditional love inspired me to create this company” said Cuoco, the popular actress, animal advocate and co-founder of Oh Norman!. “As a pet parent, I wanted our products to be safe, sustainably-made, and beautifully designed to support and celebrate our best friends and the joy they bring us. By creating products with them and the planet in mind, I know we can give them the best, because they deserve the best.”

Oh Norman!’s initial collection brings four clever and playful categories to the market, including:

DOG AND HUMAN SWEATSHIRTS: These high-quality, organic cotton sweatshirts come in two fun matching designs for both owner and dog to enjoy. Sourced from a family-owned farm in Peru, these sweatshirts are ethically and sustainably made.

LIQUID SUPPLEMENTS: These two new supplements support dogs’ overall well-being with high-quality, effective and natural ingredients. Both supplements are manufactured in the U.S.A. and reviewed by board certified veterinary specialists.

DOG PLACEMATS: These thoughtfully designed and eco-friendly placemats are made with organic cotton and a recycled rubber bottom to ensure they stay in place. They are both stain and water resistant.

DOG BOWLS: These dishwasher safe, eco-friendly bowls are made from 39 percent wood, making them more sustainable than plastic yet just as durable. Each bowl features a rubber bottom to prevent slipping.