Because Animals Has New 100 Percent Compostable Packaging

September 18, 2019

Press release: Because Animals Inc.

Because Animals Inc., a bioscience startup making pet food without animal meat, announces new 100 percent compostable packaging. This is in keeping with the company’s overall commitment to never cause harm to animals or to the planet, which means no meat and no plastic in any of their products.

“We are creating the most sustainable pet food humanly possible, and so it only makes sense that we don’t use plastic,” said CEO Shannon Falconer, PhD. “Our end goal is to nurture and protect all animals—from those swimming in the ocean to our fellow humans. And for us that means a strict no plastic policy for any of our products.”

This week, the company relaunched their popular Superfood & Probiotic Supplements—one for dogs, one for cats—in new compostable and re-sealable pouches. The all-natural, human-grade supplements contain sustainably-sourced ingredients, including hand-harvested Atlantic seaweed, organic blueberries, organic pumpkin, organic coconut flour and organic wheatgrass.

The company admits it was a struggle to find a supplier able to deliver 100 percent compostable pouches. “There’s a reason more than 95 percent of pet food companies use plastic—it’s hard to source anything else,” said Joshua Errett, CFO and co-founder of the startup. “But for us, being 100 percent compostable is worth the effort.”

Their new compostable packaging is as good as conventional plastic in terms of food preservation and shelf life, but after use, consumers can simply toss it in the compost bin. In October, Because Animals will launch a human-grade, organic, nutritional yeast dog cookie, also in the compostable, re-sealable pouches.

This isn’t the first time Because Animals has made waves in the pet food industry. Earlier this year, they announced the world’s first cultured meat pet food made from meat grown without the animal. The company will debut their cultured meat line of pet foods in early 2021 with a cat treat made from cultured mouse tissue, the ancestral diet of the cat. The meat will be grown without the use of antibiotics, growth hormones, GMOs, and without slaughtering any animals.

Because Animals is the only pet nutrition company making products with human-grade, organic, all-natural ingredients and never any animal products. And now they are plastic-free.

It is the mission of Because Animals and the company co-founders, Shannon Falconer and Joshua Errett, to replace the ingredients found in today’s pet food—which come from cruel and environmentally damaging factory farms—with nutritious and sustainable ingredients from plants, yeast and cultured meat. And, of course, to sever our reliance on plastic by only ever using 100 percent environmentally-friendly packaging.

“Plastic—like meat production—has an extremely negative impact on the environment and animals. As stewards of the environment and life-long animal lovers, we won’t be using either of them,” said Shannon.

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