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BAYDOG To Introduce Arctic Bay Cooling Collars at Global Pet Expo

By Pet Age Staff//January 18, 2024//

BAYDOG To Introduce Arctic Bay Cooling Collars at Global Pet Expo

By: Pet Age Staff//January 18, 2024//

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Press release: Baydog

The Chesapeake Bay Dog Company is excited to announce their newest product, the BAYDOG Arctic Bay Cooling Collar. The new offering, which is currently available for pre-order, will be introduced at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando this March.

Company founder and CEO Barton O’Brien said, “It gets really hot in Maryland, so I started looking at cooling products for my dog last Summer. I think I tested just about everything on the market, and frankly I thought that we could do better.”

O’Brien continued, “All of the cooling collars, gaiters or bandanas I found use evaporation as the cooling method. You get them wet, put them on your dog, and the evaporation is supposed to keep them cool. But in my experience, this doesn’t work.”

BAYDOG’s new Arctic Bay Cooling Collar is different. Instead of evaporation, it uses a series of custom-made Cooling Packs in each collar to keep the dog cool.

“You just put it in the freezer until the cooling packs are frozen, and then pop it on your dog. The collar provides an hour or more of cooling,” said BAYDOG sales director Kristy Webb. “The secret was finding the right material for the collar. It has to be thin enough for the cooling sensation to get through, but not so thin that it’s too cold. I think we nailed it, and it looks great too.”

The Arctic Bay Cooling Collar is currently available for pre-order at a 10% discount through all BAYDOG’s wholesale channels with an expected March delivery date. It will be available in five colors and five sizes, and replacement cooling packs are also available and can also be pre-ordered.