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Award-Winning Pet Tech Brand PETLIBRO Unveils Capsule Dog Fountain with 5-Layer Filtration System

By Pet Age Staff//June 6, 2024//

Award-Winning Pet Tech Brand PETLIBRO Unveils Capsule Dog Fountain with 5-Layer Filtration System

By: Pet Age Staff//June 6, 2024//

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PETLIBRO, a leading global pet tech brand that is transforming the pet tech market by incorporating sleek, seamless design and cutting-edge technology into their products, has unveiled its latest innovation, Capsule Dog Fountain.

Since 2019, PETLIBRO has grown into one of the best-selling pet tech brands globally. From smart feeders with app insights to ultra-filtered automatic fountains, PETLIBRO’s innovative products have received prestigious awards including the German Design Award and iF Design Award for their design-focused ingenuity.

Convenience and cleanliness are the top priorities for dog owners, and many feel both are lacking in their day-to-day experience. In fact, 67 percent of people say they have to refill their dog bowl with fresh water more than once per day and 44 percent are inconvenienced by the spillage of this process.

That’s why PETLIBRO designed the new Capsule Dog Fountain to specifically address these problems and introduce an abundance of benefits that will have dog owners saying goodbye to their traditional water bowl. Premiere capabilities include:

  • A whirlpool water flow pulls loose fur, crumbs, grit and grime into the filtration system.
  • The splash-less design features 2.4-inch high wall and 2.2-inch wide buffer zone to prevent water from splashing onto the floor.
  • Holds 2.1-gallons of water in its transparent tank.
  • The always-on, five-layer filtration system ensures your dog’s water is clean and fresh. These layers include:
      • Unwoven fabric to eliminate fur and dust
      • Ion-exchange resin to eliminate heavy metals
      • Activated carbon to eliminate odors
      • Silver ions ceramic balls to help inhibit bacterial growth
      • Sponge filter for added fur and dust removal


“The Capsule Dog Fountain is the latest addition to our Capsule series. As our first fountain designed specifically for medium to large dogs, it’s a solution to the ongoing feedback and demand from our pet community,” said PETLIBRO founder and CEO York Wu. “With the Capsule Dog Fountain, dog owners can be sure they’re giving their companions the cleanest water, while also eliminating spillage and refilling time.”