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Austin and Kat Announces Expansion into Ohio Valley

Glenn Polyn//July 2, 2020//

Austin and Kat Announces Expansion into Ohio Valley

Glenn Polyn //July 2, 2020//

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Press release: Austin and Kat

Seattle-based company Austin and Kat, purveyor of premium and natural remedies for pets, has recently expanded their territory with renowned pet food distributor Pet Food Experts (PFX). Starting July 7, the states of Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky will be serviced by their distribution centers located in either Des Plaines, Illinois, or Denver, Pennsylvania.

“We’re thrilled to expand once again with Pet Food Experts,” said Kat Donatello, founder and CEO of Austin and Kat. “Launching in the Ohio Valley region will allow us to meet the needs of a new customer base with the help of so many brilliant and knowledgeable retailers. It also aligns with the recent release of our functional oils

“With the resources of the Ohio Valley region, Austin and Kat will promote growth by getting to know their customers using their expert team of sales staff. “Between the proficiency of our team and the excitement that’s been generated by our new functional oils, we’re confident that we’re set up for success,” continued Kat.

VP of sales Ryan Dermody echoed the sentiment: “Pet Food Experts is a fantastic partner for us. Their expansion into the Ohio Valley Region gives Austin and Kat an opportunity to partner with more retailers in this region of the country–ultimately providing more consumers innovative products that improve the quality of life for their four-legged friends.”

The partnership also coincides nicely with the launch of the new functional oils.

“All of us are very excited about timing. They take into account the total wellness of our pets. The combination of CBD and natural extracts is one of a kind, and will lead to healthier, happier, and calmer companions,” Ryan said.

Pet Food Experts is a fourth-generation and family-owned and operated company, headquartered in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Austin and Kat is already distributed in PFX’s other territories, including the Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountain, Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. PFX delivers to over 4000 retailers in 32 states out of five distribution centers (Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Washington and Colorado).

“We’re thrilled to be able to bring Austin and Kat to the Ohio Valley region with our expansion in this market. At Pet Food Experts, we carefully curate brands that are independent pet retail focused, and look forward to continued growth and expansion with Austin and Kat,” said Sean Kent, PFX vice president of vendor development.

The Austin and Kat mission has always been to provide exceptional remedies for pets using the benefits of hemp and naturally occurring CBD. The company’s expanding footprint in independent pet stores is a point of pride that Kat says she warmly embraces and will never abandon. Remaining true to core principles and humble beginnings, which always starts with store relationships and engagement with pet owners, Austin and Kat will always work tirelessly to inspire others to join in a revolution of the pet wellness industry.

All Austin and Kat products are still created by hand, in small batches, using the highest quality, ethically-sourced ingredients. They adhere to rigorous third-party testing to ensure consistency and purity while keeping a close eye on customer feedback.