Aquatics Industry Training Goes Worldwide

Pet Age Staff//May 3, 2018//

Aquatics Industry Training Goes Worldwide

Pet Age Staff //May 3, 2018//

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UK and international aquatic trade bodies have joined forces to offer specialized training worldwide for the aquatics industry.

The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association (OATA), based in the UK, and Ornamental Fish International (OFI), which represents aquatic businesses across the globe, are launching the international training packages at Interzoo 2018.

The new courses are based on OATA’s training packages which have been offered in the UK since 1997.

The international Foundation Training Course is aimed at beginner or new staff while the Advanced Training Course is aimed at more experienced staff. Delivered in English, the courses are studied at home at a timetable that suits the student.

Both the high quality courses cover the four subjects: fish biology, fish health, water quality and filtration.

“We are very pleased to be now offering this training internationally,” OATA Chief Executive Dominic Whitmee said. “There is no question that having qualified and knowledgeable staff is of great benefit to the success of a business and these courses offer professional development opportunities which we believe will be good for staff and businesses.”

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