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AnimalBiome Lends Helping Paw to Rescue Animals on Adopt A Shelter Pet Day

Glenn Polyn//April 28, 2023//

Homeless cat in a cage in an animal shelter

AnimalBiome Lends Helping Paw to Rescue Animals on Adopt A Shelter Pet Day

Glenn Polyn //April 28, 2023//

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Press release: AnimalBiome

Timed with Adopt-A-Shelter Pet Day on April 30, AnimalBiome is pleased to announce a new philanthropic campaign to support animal rescues and shelters in need. AnimalBiome is donating over $100,000 worth of products and resources in 2023 to animal welfare organizations. 

AnimalBiome’s mission is for all pets to have a healthy and happy life, which is why founders, Carlton Osborne, CEO and Dr. Holly Ganz, CSO, support animal welfare organizations locally and nationwide. AnimalBiome’s growing philanthropy program aims to donate $100,000 per year to animal rescue organizations in need. In addition to this philanthropic contribution, AnimalBiome offers a 30 percent discount to any animal rescue organization with a 501(c)(3) designation. Organizations may register with the company to receive this discount by visiting the AnimalBiome website.

Dr. Ganz shares, “I created AnimalBiome to help improve the health of ailing pets after we were able to resolve our rescue dog, Yuki’s hemorrhagic diarrhea with microbiome support. We know firsthand how cats and dogs without pet parents can struggle with poor health, and how hard, yet rewarding, it is to bring a shelter pet into a loving home.”

AnimalBiome’s philanthropic efforts extend beyond supporting animal welfare organizations. Earlier this year, Dr. Holly Ganz’s Science Team at AnimalBiome, completed an extensive study on the gut health of cats living in shelters vs. domestic homes to help advise efforts to improve the lives of shelter pets and identify the core microbiome of felines. In 2021, AnimalBiome generously supported the work of the Morris Animal Foundation with a $200,000 research gift to better understand the relationship between gut microbiomes and canine cancer. AnimalBiome employees also volunteer for animal welfare nonprofits.