Animal Nutritional Products Launches PhytoMAXX Plus for Vets

October 30, 2019

Press release: Animal Nutritional Products

Animal Nutritional Products Inc. (ANP), an animal supplement company and leader since 2001 in the veterinary animal health market, has developed a unique liquid Hemp Extract called PhytoMAXX Plus.

PhytoMAXX Plus, available exclusively to vets, is used for both dogs and cats and can be given directly into the mouth with the attached dropper or sprayer. PhytoMAXX Plus is being utilized very specifically for joint support, but may also help with stress induced urinary problems and separation anxiety in pets.

“After 14 months of research and development, our product far outweighs any hemp extract on the market today with its complete and proprietary formulation,” said Robert Kovler, CEO for Animal Nutritional Products.

PhytoMAXX Plus works on the endocannabinoid system that is comprised of the CB1, CB2 and TRPV1 receptors. Hemp extract and how it adheres to the CB1, CB2 and TRPV1 receptors is a very significant discovery in animal and human medicine. These receptors control pain, anxiety and stress in the brain and body.

“As specialists in the field of pharmacognosy (the study of medicinal plants), we are very excited to be working with the whole hemp plant because of its many clinical applications, which if applied properly, have so many beneficial qualities,” said Kovler.

ANP will be undergoing clinical studies for a two-year period as well as teaching vets, and pet parents about the possibilities of hemp extract and how to use it to support very specific problems.

“Pet parents are asking veterinarians everyday to explain hemp extract to them,” said Kovler, who has worked in the veterinary community for over 30 years. “Vets are apprehensive to discuss hemp products due to pending legislation. However, they do want to use hemp products to help their patients.”

In addition to all the confusion regarding CBD, Kovler said, “There are many hemp extract products for pets and humans that are not properly labeled. Many companies can’t and don’t want to show a proper analysis that applies to the lot number they are selling. So always ask to see proof of what is in the product.”

PhytoMAXX is available in 250 ml and 500 ml strength formulas as well as in soft chew form. The liquids contain a dropper and spray nozzle, which is easy to use and helps in speeding up the absorption of the CBD into the pets’ system.

Animal Nutritional Products is also one of very few supplement companies with a Colorado State Register Free Sale Certificate for hemp. This means the state of Colorado visited the laboratory and was shown detailed info on the safe extraction of industrial hemp and is performing the proper paperwork to satisfy the state under FDA and cGMP regulatory requirements.

“ANP is not a hemp company,” said Kovler. “We are an animal health supplement company that is taking hemp and elevating it to a new standard. We have seen other formulas on the market and we are not impressed. It appears manufacturers are rushing products for sale because of demand. They see it as a gold rush to capitalize on the hemp phenomenon.”

Kovler is an accomplished formulator, businessman and researcher in the animal and human supplement industry. Since 1982, Kovler has held positions as a consultant in veterinary and human health companies. He also served for many years as vice president of Acupath Laboratories, one of the largest human pathology labs in the U.S., before starting Animal Nutritional Products in September 2001 in New York.

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