American Midwest Distribution to Work with Pupco Brands Inc.

Pet Age Staff//March 14, 2018//

American Midwest Distribution to Work with Pupco Brands Inc.

Pet Age Staff //March 14, 2018//

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A family-owned Kansas City distribution company, American Midwest Distributors (a traditional distributor of agricultural products to farmers and ranchers within a 125 miles radius of Kansas City), has recently joined forces with Pupco Brands, Inc., an Eden Prairie, Minnesota, developer and manufacturer of consumable companion pet products.

Among its product offerings are phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil (PCR Rich Hemp Oil or “Full spectrum” Hemp Oil) infused pet treats and hemp oil for dogs and cats: K9 Kraves and Nirvana4Pets. Until recently, the distribution for sale of any hemp oil extracted from the industrial hemp crops has been limited to states where hemp (medical marijuana) has been approved, according to the distributor’s press release. The Industrial Hemp Farm Bill act of 2017 (H.R. 3530, 115th Congress) provided a green light for states to permit, for cultivation, industrial hemp where the content of THC (A cannabinoid which provides the “high” in marijuana) is less than .03 percent, the company said. Today, all 50 states permit the sale of PCR hemp oil for therapeutic use by humans and their pets, according to American Midwest Distributors.

“The therapeutic benefits of hemp oil are many, as conveyed by millions of Americans who use it daily to aid them with numerous health issues. Not only is there a growing interest in using PCR hemp oil for humans, but animals are benefiting from its medicinal properties as well,” the press release said. “An increasing amount of pet owners and veterinarians believe PCR hemp oil offers relief to dogs and other animals who suffer from anxiety issues, various diseases, chronic pain, digestive issues or lack of energy.”

“Phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil has become an extremely desirable product in the pet industry over the last couple of years,” said Paul Lien, president of Pupco Brands Inc. “In most households today, pets are considered family, and owners will go above and beyond to give them optimal health and the highest quality of life. Because of this, more and more pet owners are adding hemp products to their pet’s daily diet in order to support their overall health, balance and well-being.”

The American Pet Products Association’s 2017-2018 National Pet Owners Survey found that there is a new generation of pet owners contributing to the growth of pet ownership. In fact, millennial pet ownership has officially surpassed baby-boomer ownership by three percentage points to now account for 35 percent of all pet owners. American Midwest Distributors sees this as good news for Pupco and other PCR hemp products.

“Millennial pet parents are the driving force behind the cannabidiol pet product market since the younger generation tends to accept hemp-derived products without reservation,” said Tom Elafros, president of American Midwest Distributors. “Pet parents are seeking more natural solutions for their pets, and hemp-derived products have become a very popular option. We don’t foresee this trend slowing down anytime soon!”

American Midwest will be introducing several PCR hemp products, manufactured by Pupco Brands, to pet specialty stores and to all retailers who offers pet products to their customers across Missouri and Kansas.