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Alpha Paw Partners With Greater Good Rescue Bank

Glenn Polyn//December 14, 2020//

Alpha Paw Partners With Greater Good Rescue Bank

Glenn Polyn //December 14, 2020//

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Press release: Alpha Paw

Over the past year and a half Alpha Paw, has shocked the dog market with its revolutionary Paw Ramp. The brand has expanded its product line with fun products that always keep your pets’ interest being the number one goal. Alpha Paw started growing due to its IVDD awareness movement and continued its quest to make a difference in the world of pets.

Since launching the brand, Alpha Paw has made small efforts towards its ultimate mission, which is “To help you give your best friends the happy and healthy life they deserve.” In order to design its products, Alpha Paw examines customer’s feedback and then designs each product to solve the problems that pet owners face. Ramon Van Meer, the founder of Alpha Paw, is one of the world’s best internet marketers. A couple of years ago, he found a niche in the dog ramp space. He has since “ramped” up the business, bringing in needed products for animal lovers with a team that feels like one big animal-loving family.

Alpha Paw determined that there was great importance in providing in-depth resources to guide animal lovers through their product line in order to provide the best shopping experience. Two of the brand’s best-selling items include their Paw Ramp and Cozy Calming Bed, both of which have received great recognition in the short time since they’ve been released. Each item was created to improve a dog’s overall quality of life and reduce potential health symptoms from developing.

Alpha Paw also gives back to the community. The brand is currently working toward building the Alpha Paw Foundation, which will include partnerships with other foundations, volunteering and organizing donation events. The Alpha Paw Foundation recently partnered with Greater Good Rescue Bank where 10 pounds of pet food was donated for every Paw Ramp that was sold. This was Alpha Paw’s first major project with the foundation, and the outcome couldn’t have gone any better. Alpha Paw also has made recent donations to local shelters in the area of Las Vegas, Nevada, where the brand’s headquarter is located.