A Better Treat’s Organic Pumpkin Treats Wins New Product Award at Global Pet Expo

By Pet Age Staff//March 28, 2024//

A Better Treat’s Organic Pumpkin Treats Wins New Product Award at Global Pet Expo

By: Pet Age Staff//March 28, 2024//

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A Better Treat took home an award for its versatile Organic Pumpkin Treats in the Dog Food & Treats Category at Global Pet Expo, which was held earlier this year in Orlando, Florida. Global Pet Expo’s New Product Showcase features innovative new products coming to market in the past year. This highly competitive award was voted by buyer attendees during Global Pet Expo and presented at the Spotlight Stage at the show.

A Better Treat is a family-owned business based out of Los Angeles, California. Founded by Boris Chung, the brand was launched in 2020 based out of the deep desire to provide higher quality products without synthetic ingredients or harmful chemicals. A Better Treat has held true to that promise by providing premium sourced products that deliver higher nutrient content with no harmful additives. Its newest product, Freeze Dried Organic Pumpkin Treat, highlights this commitment to creating health-first pet products.

A Better Treat’s Organic Pumpkin Treats are the first freeze-dried, organic pumpkin treat on the market and make an excellent mess-free alternative to pumpkin puree. They were created by Chung to have a more convenient, shelf-stable pumpkin option for his goldendoodle, Emi.

“My Emi Bear has a very sensitive stomach and pumpkin puree was a go-to whenever she had diarrhea. But every time I gave her pumpkin puree, it ended up on her face, the bowl and even the floor and walls when she was feeling feisty. I love the fact that I no longer need to scrub her bowl every time I feed her pumpkin. These treats are shelf stable and resealable, so I no longer need to deal with half open, moldy pumpkin puree cans going bad in the fridge,” said Chung.

In addition to using them when your dog or cat has GI distress, these can also be used as a meal topper or mixer to ease new food transitions. This versatile treat’s convenient cube shape allows them to be used as a low-calorie training reward as well (only 0.2 calories per treat)! They are perfect for puppies or dogs who are undergoing a lot of training or have weight issues since they won’t break the bank in calories. With only one ingredient, they’re ideal for pets with allergies or special dietary needs as well.

A customer review noted, “Great alternative when I notice my dog’s poop getting loose and I add these as toppers. It beats the can version with less mess and most of the time, I won’t use the whole can and there’s so much waste leftover. But this is a gamechanger!”